Onwards, 1978 by YES

“Onward” is solely credited to YES bassist Chris Squire, who had produced a demo version of the song on vocals and piano and presented it to the band.

This song is requested by, and dedicated to Chris Sanchez, a good friend who helped me with my recording set-up. Chris has been introducing me to songs I have not listened to before, and this beautiful song is one that I missed, and now, love!!!

This song is dedicated to all peoples of the world that is missing a loved one, lost a loved one, looking to be loved, and for the stone-hearted people who do not know love!!!
Most especially to the people you love!!!

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Sounds good here Rene, no clips that I can hear anyway. I’d never heard this one before so thanks for finding it for us.

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Hi ingolee,
Always love to hear from you and your excellent feedback!
Like you, I am also glad to have been introduced to this beautiful song.