Online mixing courses - Another Slate Digital Question for you all

So, for much of the last five or six years, I have been pretty satisfied with my gear set up (digital and physical components) and have not purchased much other than Boz’s plug ins and a few Midi packs for drums etc…
I am also happy with my development in mixing songs, but lately I am finding I am hitting a ceiling with my mixes that I cannot break. I have purchased Jon Tidey’s mixing vids which are really good and I am enjoying them so far.

But when I was looking at Slate Digital’s new VSX product (just out of curiosity) I had a look at their subscription “All Access Pass” and thought it was pretty affordable given it has a bunch of good plug-ins and video masterclasses that may also come in handy.

Does anyone here:

  1. use Slate Digital plugs? What are your thoughts?

  2. Subscribe to Slate Digital’s All Access pass? Thoughts?

  3. Have any other resources/video course etc for mixing at an intermediate level that they’d recommend?

Lastly, I’ve ever done any sort of formal mixing or recording course. Just 20 years of self teaching, learning on the fly, reading, podcast listening and forum wallowing. Are there any good online courses of a more formal nature that may be worth considering? Not sure I have the time nor money… but hey… that never stopped us before, right!

Yes, all the time - they are great.

Yes, it’s part of the “Everything Bundle”. It’s great - the CLA course is worth the price of admission alone.

I once bought a course from Ken Lewis

I enjoyed it.

I’ve done numerous video courses with Warren Huart’s Produce Like a Pro and many many others.

Here’s my take: Videos and courses are worth checking out, but the only thing they have confirmed to me is that there is no “right” way of doing it. Everybody does their own thing, has their own style and get’s different sounding results.

The most valuable thing to do bar none, is to start mixing for other artists. You will develop your own style. You learn how to problem solve, and find your own unique solutions. Unique solutions lead to a unique style. You learn to be accountable to a client, and to venture outside your own comfort zone - to mix for the greater good of the song, rather than your own preconceived ideas on how things should sound.

Most of all, you learn that nothing really matters - no philosophical approach, no technical know-how, no bias of any kind - apart from what comes out of those speakers at the end of the mix.

That knowledge gives you great freedom, and great confidence - two qualities vital to good mixing.


Yeah, the client thing is tricky. I was once wanting to head down that path but just don’t have the time to commit. But I reckon I can get a few small things happening though that may help.

I’d be happy to try the “Everything Bundle” for a year and see, as you said, even if just for the courses. Thanks for the info!