OneManBand (OMB) - A New Way to Play Guitar

I’m not promoting this, I just came across it and was fascinated and thought my IRD pals might find it interesting too. :grinning: From what I can tell it’s not yet on the market, but here’s a YouTube video about it (they may have been at NAMM?) and I can’t find a website for it but there’s a Kickstarter page so it looks like they’ll need funding before starting production.

I thought I heard something about a database of songs to play along with, for practice etc. It can also be used for composition I think. Other than that, I don’t know much, just wanted to see if anybody else finds it interesting and possibly useful (once it actually comes out).

Pretty interesting, probably fun to play with . . . but I have lots of questions, like how good is the tracking really, would you want to be all alone on stage with this? What happens when you speed up or slow down. It works off of string voltage I guess so if you stop it stops so you have to play continuously?

The video clips are all short and cut off, did the thing glitch? Jam Origins Midi Guitar is software only and tracks quite well for $100, no special pickup necessary.

But we’ll see I guess, give it a chance eh?

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I’d say it’s so new that who knows how well it will work in the real world, and what kind of bugs/kinks might come up. I just thought the idea of it was kind of cool.

They play fine for me.

It’s the wave of the future, if this one doesn’t do it the next one will, so yeah it’s a cool idea.

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