One World Together at Home

Did anyone happen to catch all 8 hours of this concert???

I was semi excited at the idea of all these amazing stars singing and streaming as I’ve felt the lack of live music (2 cancelled concerts I was due to go to). Now, I will be the first to tip my hat to Ms Gaga for organising this concert and the millions of dollars that it raised. Superb in every way.

My thought at starting this thread was a few take aways from watching the various stars.

Firstly - it was a lesson in room treatment! Some of the acoustics were shocking. I thank God for my egg box cartons!
Secondly - I was shocked at just how ordinary some artists sounded. I’m not joking when I say some of my students singing in the music room at lunch sound better. I don’t mean the sound quality from their phones, just the amount of presence and command they had singing
Thirdly - The difference in home situations from artist to artist were stark! Did anyone get a glimpse of the back wall of Sheryl Crow’s home studio? It looked more like the guitar section at Sweetwater!

So although the concept was based in love, and I really enjoyed watching some of the artists, as an enthusiast it left me a little wanting… that is until…

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I totally missed the concert! And somehow totally missed your thread!

Ditto to both!