One (Stereo) Mic Recordings

One (Stereo) Mic Recordings
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Here’s a cool video demonstrating what can be achieved with a live band in a nice room with one stereo ribbon mic. This is part of a series of recordings by John Cuniberti (most noted for recording a lot of Joe Satriani’s output):


Man that’s cool. Those ribbon microphones are so damn expensive, but you only have to buy one of them! There are some things I’d obviously like to tweak, but for one microphone, that is a pretty amazing sound. That drum sound kinda reminds me of old Jeff Lynne produced albums like Full Moon Fever and the Traveling Wilburys.


Just taking note of where each person/instrument is in the room, is like a physical lesson in mixing. So cool!


Awesome sound !!


That’s really eerie of me to say that considering. Wow.