One more track to bash (trad metal)

One more track to bash (trad metal)
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I’m listening to this on my laptop. Sounds like you captured the spirit of the genre very well.

The rythm guitars sound too muffled at the beginning of the song. I’d try to clear them up with some EQ. Even some of the lead licks could use a bit more clarity.

At first I thought the drums sounded too “garage”, but I actually started to appreciate the vibe they have, as the song progressed.

The vocals aren’t really my thing but they do have that rough, underground 80’s metal/ garage feel. Everything here fits that era of underground metal. Good job!


Thanks for checking it out.


The song itself is a lot of fun, very catchy, and has a ton of energy in all departments. The vocals were excellent; however, to me they need to be a bit clearer, maybe just louder, because there seemed to be a lot of lyrics. The guitar and drums particularly stood out, although I’m sure the bass was keeping up,

This is a very good mix of a solid song, but it may not be the final mix.


Steban, what do you think could be improved upon besides Vox levels?


I am listening again, @Descent, and you have done a superb job mixing an excellent arrangement of a great headbanging trad metal song, The transition at 3 minutes adds a second wind to the song with the beat changes, in fact, the song seems to breathe more deeply from there on. All really good and dynamic! So good I think the beginning feels almost like a warm up.

So there is so very little to change, dude, that any changes might upset this balance you have achieved. That said, it is possible you could rotate once or twice through the instruments in the first half a little relative volume boost to briefly feature each as they each are playing their hearts out nonstop. I’m not technical, so how you do that best I know not.