One and only country type song I have ever done

Not sure if this is country or other. Rip this up if ya gotta a minute.

I’m hurtin just a little

It’s early morning she’s not there…. just a note sayin she don’t care Alone…alone again
No surprise cuz she’d gone cold guess this new love had grown old No words….she just hit the road

Loves kiss… loves touch…love hurts…so much… love runs away why nobody knows

I said…you’re wrong…you’re right.your way…my way… big… fight

I’m hurtin just a little but not for long … gittin kicked down just makes me stronger
I’m hurtin just a little but I’m movin on In fact I’m kinda glad…she’s…gone

Lying right here just collectin my thoughts Lookin back she was no big loss I’ll find someone to love

Lick your wounds… pick yourself up…drive yourself to town in your pick up truck
Yell outloud hey it’s me again (I’m free again) I’ll be lookin for some company
I’m so available would you spend some time with me


When you figure it out, you can still upload it here again. Just change the title back.

Sounds country to me! Of course country is kind of different these days . . . but this sounds good!

My only nit might be the drums, they could use some humanizing if you know what I mean.

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Love the vibe of this, the vox sound great .Deffo enjoyed this and will be revisiting

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Great tune Paul! I would place this squarely in the americana genre rather than country, which is dominated by formulaic “bro country” drivel these days. Sounds a bit like a cross between Steve Earle and Jason Isbell.

About the only thing I’d suggest tweaking is the drums. It could use some more variations and fills to break up the steady beat that drives through most of the tune.

And to my ear, the song cries out for a harmonica! Some good Steve Earle-like harp playing would really take it to the next level IMO. Know any harp players??

Good stuff!

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Great stuff Paul! Yup - hurtin’ & pickup trucks - ticks all the country boxes!

Really good melodies and chord progressions that put a little twist on the usual. I love your quirky, individual take on phrasing too.

Only listening to the mix on cans, but it sounds pretty good from this perspective. Possibly your best yet! Who says old dogs can’t learn new tricks?

im a harp player and have been for years but I cant record at the moment

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Hi ingo Yup, the drums need more spunk. I can do something there. Have to look up what would work for humanizing.

Thanks Alan, glad you liked it.

Hi Dave Never thought of the harmonica. I have four with me and I think this song is in G or D? I have used them for fill in many of my songs. Was trying for a song where she leaves and he realizes she wasn’t that special anyway? ha ha Drum work tonight for sure. thanks bud


Hi Andy Lost the internet today so my grandkids set me up with some sort of hot spot. ha ha
Glad you liked the song. I wasn’t too sure on this one because of the vibe/genre…different for me.

thanks for the comments


Actually I think some harp fills, judiciously placed, would definitely drive home that “yeah she’s gone but I don’t give a shit!” vibe. Especially in that last verse where he’s cruising downtown to find some different action… :sunglasses:

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