“On hold” music, phone greetings

Have any of you guys/gals done music or voice work for phone greetings/phone trees and hold music?
I’m mostly curious about EQing the final product. Seems like you’d want to trim a lot of the lows out?

Hi pass and boost at 2-3k if necessary. Compress 4:1 with 5 attack, 50 release, don’t hit the GR more than 3db…so the compressor is barely doing anything. The compressor is totally optional. Defer to the deliverable specs which are supposed to be provided from the client for loudness and metering (or the party directly responsible for implementing the cues into the prompt system).

It is almost irrelevant what you use to record or what plugins you use to process these with. Most USB podcasting mics are sufficient. A low quality handheld such as a shure BG is just fine too. I would use pro tools if you have ore than a couple cues, Audacity for real short quick low profile projects. If you use pro tools, build yourself a template with those compressor settings and install it. When using Pro Tools, STAY IN SHUFFLE MODE. Remember that you can Cmd U for strip silence and Cmd F to batch fade. Keep it all on one track, do NOT use take folders or automation.

If your VO does multiple takes, always start with the last one and automatically use it unless there is a compelling reason not to. Keep your tab to transient (Cmd + tab) engaged, and use your key command focus (The yellow A/Z block in the upper right hand corner) on the workspace. You can then use B to split regions instead of Cmd E.

If you have to process one off’s on individual clips, do not create new tracks. EVERYTHING ON ONE TRACK. Use Cmd+6 to engage your clip effects, I would leave this window open through the entire session.

Do not waste your time attempting to EQ match clips. The bit reduction in the phone prompt system will trash any detail you bother processing on these clips. Only mess with clip effects if there is an extreme issue.


Sweet! Thank you! I’m helping someone at work with redoing the phone tree and the hold music.