On And On, by Stephen Bishop 1977

“On and On” is a song by American singer-songwriter Stephen Bishop. The song, from his debut album Careless, became a major hit, released on May 1977.

This song is dedicated to all lost and heart-broken peoples of our world!!!
Hope, Peace and Love is my wish to all!!!

Feedback is much appreciated.


I remember this one too, from the radio. I always had some degree of appreciation of Pop/Contemporary music, even though my main focus goes to Hard Rock / Heavy Metal. I learned that I do just like music that has quality and culture, including Classical.

Many have had their hearts broken. Many more are in doubt and in pain. How much longer can the Clown World :clown_face: dominate our consciousness? I believe healing is coming, though many may not understand “the breakthrough”. Something has to change … but we all play a role. Envision what you’d like the world to look like, don’t accept “the prognosticators” who tell you what to believe. Find a solid foundation in the roots of the human race. We’re better than this. We can defeat the Clown World, one voice at a time. The first step is to call a Clown :clown_face: a Clown :clown_face:. Then laugh in their face - not laughing WITH them, but AT them. LAUGH! Joy is the best disseminator of negativity and evil. Bless you Rene, for spreading Peace, Love, and Joy!

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Hi Stan,
Love begets love!
I am simply very thankful for your wonderful feedback!
To be honest in this world is to have enemies.
In music, when it is good, it is felt in the heart and soul.
Life is so short.
So call ugly - ugly.

Hope, Peace, and Love to 'ya - Stan!!!

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