Old song redone

Hey all. Redid another old one. Pretty happy with it but could always use some fresh ears. Thanks.

My biggest issue is with the frequency and compression balance in the snare and overheads. And then the lack of projection in the cymbals. At first glance, the drum mix as a whole seems to be the weak link.

But I LOVE this arrangement!! I like the accents, the jabs, the diversity of texture - and the song has excellent continuity. Nice guitar work.

It made me miss MXPX. So I googled them. And guess what? 2018 - they’re still writing music haha. Who would have figured!

Life In General was in constant rotation in the van when we were touring in the mid 90s.

Thanks for listening. Can you explain what you mean about frequency and compression balance. The overheads have a similar EQ as the snare. I cut around 600 on both but the snare also got a boost of a few dB around 5-8k. The cymbals are a little low in the mix. They are extremely shrill. When I recorded them (10 years ago) I used a pair of Studio Projects B1 mics and my drummer beats on his cymbals so I had a hard time taming them. I ended up taking a few dB away with a high shelf. I tried deessing them and notching out offending frequencies (everything above 7.5k) but my ears kept bleeding. Definitely open to suggestion.

Hey, very cool song, very punchy with a good vibe!
I really like this kind of Green Day-ish sound and feeling, a not-so-punk but a bit nonetheless band writing songs for whatever reasons (like some old punk bands used to do).

I also share the idea that drum (sound? playing? recording?) is missing something. First thing it lacks of some room sound that could make it bigger and less dry.
Kick and snare sound clicky and somehow “cheap”… it reminds me some old samples you could find on old MIDI sound modules… I would fake them and trigger samples with some more “modern” sounds.

I also found that the mix is lacking on some low end, as Green Day (to keep that example) used to sound. On guitars mostly… bass guitar too? :confused:
By the way, great tune!

Thanks for listening and the kind words. I appreciate it. As to the drums (sound/playing/recording) it’s probably a little of all three but mostly sound and recording I’d guess. Drums were recorded in our small rehearsal space with cheap condenser mics for overheads. I think the problem with the snare is I may have gated and compressed it too much. I’ll work on the drums some more. I started redoing old songs for practice because we’re going to start recording our new album soon. I’ve been recording demos to try and get the drums right at the source. Thanks again for taking the time to listen.

What do you think of the drums on this one? @Jonathan @ncls

Sounds good on my built in mac tower speakers… I’ll check back sometime later when I get to the office :slight_smile:

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It sounds beefier to me and this is expected (I think…)
Comparing the two, your first mix makes the drums sound like toys :smiley:

Nice work!

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