Old Recording Review Member popping in to say hi!

Old Recording Review Member popping in to say hi!


Hey gang. I recognise a few names and avatars from the glory days of Recording Review. Been a bit on and off with recording since changing jobs and moving town a few years ago. Still making music, but the time and energy that goes into it ebbs and flows far more than I’d like.

My band is still crawling along at a snails pace, but now my singer lives in another state and rummer is the only one left in the city of Melbourne anymore. Still, we manage get stuff done, albeit slowly.
I have an ambitious project that I am working on myself, with a five song EP aimed to be done this year. I will be posting stuff on the BTR here at some point, which is why I am keen to come back, as well as sharpen my listening skills again by listening to other’s recordings also.

Still loving Reaper and the fun of mixing. Good to see you all again!


Hey Dan - Welcome (back)! Ex-fH fH here from Brisbane here…Good to hear you’re still makin’ some melodious noise… Looking forward to hearing your new stuff!


Welcome back Dan! Looking forward to hearing what you’ve been up to. Good to see you here!


Brilliant mate. So good to read you hear. I look forward to hearing your project.


Welcome back - its like the old days but better!!


Dan! Welcome back… yay… :beerbanger:


Welcome. I’ve been lost in the abyss for a while myself:)


Welcome back into the fold.


Awesome to have you back around! I’m pumped to hear what you’re working on!! :beerbanger:


Greetings! looking forward to hearing some of your projects!


Hey Dan, good to hear from you! We’ve been kicking around the new (free) DAW kid on the block recently - Cakewalk! I’m still a Reaper dude too though. You had done some Reaper tutorials, I remember. Curious to see if you’re still using your teacher skills in some way.


Ha, yes and no!
I am now teaching music to Primary School (Elementary) as well as general classroom teaching. Having loads of fun with music at school, stepping away from kiddie music and damned annoying instruments. Bucket drumming, ukulele, digital music production etc is much better.
I have not done any more tutorials - partly because there is nothing huge I want to share that is not already done well out there, but mostly because I have bitten off more than I can chew with hobbies and projects.

You may recall I had/have a podcast. I did 15 episodes and it has now stalled. I have every intention in starting it up again, I just can’t get it together to get it going again.
Good to hear from you again Stan!


Heeeeeeey. Wazaup! Good to have ya drop in! :slight_smile:


Yes, I meant to ask about that as well, thanks for filling me in.