Old mattress as acoustic treatment

So I got a new mattress, which means I’ve got a giant old mattress to get rid of. The things a huge king sized mattress, I could almost cover the whole front or back wall of my music room with it. The back wall has windows, I was thinking i could put it in front of those and at least muffle the sound from outside if nothing else. I don’t know anything about acoustic treatment, I’ve been mixing in headphones for 12 years lol. It just seems a shame to throw out a giant thing that looks like it could absorb a lot of sound.

It will definitely help .Apparently tales are the best .A guy done some tests proved they was better than the little cheap acoustic panels

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It will get you some blockage from outside noise yes, if that seems to be a big issue. It wont offer anything else of value from the recording perspective, it may end up making your sound a bit worse as it acts like a high pass filter and doesn’t offer any significant absorption under 1khz. It can however than assist in making of an MA rated film in the studio though so you never know…


Whatever works, The Police recorded their first two albums in a shitty little cottage with only egg cartons as soundproofing, and I think their second album sounds great. I wish I had a spare mattress that wasn’t all crusty or full of crabs. Hanging one up could only do you good to absorb the sound. If you throw an entire bedspread up there, that would work too. I sometimes hang my entire blanket on my window where the curtains should be so that it’s pitch black like midnight no matter what time of day is to get depression sleep in, also so it is too dark to find the rope to hang from. If it blocks light, it’ll block sound.

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Hey man. I don’t think it will muffle much from the outside. But it will certainly create some absorption inside (if you need absorption). If it were me, I’d gladly use it until I had a better solution handy. I’d think it would be better than a plain reflective wall. I wouldn’t put too much work into making it look a certain way though. You’ll probably want to ditch it as soon as you have the chance to acquire something more suiting.

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I guess I’ll just have to try it and see. I really should do some kind of actual real acoustic treatment, but I just don’t see how it would work in my room. One wall has guitars hanging, the opposite wall has amps, the third has my computer desk, so the only open wall is the one with the windows opposite to my desk. So I don’t know. I’ll try sticking that mattress up just to see what happens.

is it a memory foam mattress or a box spring?

a bad (not too dense) mattress in general is a bad idea overall, their absorption is usually around 0.3 sabin per sq ft at 150hz (doesnt go lower than 120ish) but they suck the life out of mid-highs, running 1 sabin per sq ft at 1000hz.

a dense memory foam mattress works a bit better but I believe if you have those expensive dense foam ones, you are probably sleeping on it…

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It was a regular mattress, but with some memory foam in it. So it was kind of a hybrid I guess. I didn’t end up trying it though. The more I thought about it the dumber of an idea it seemed.