Official Mix Why Wait (St. Anger Version)

Official Mix Why Wait (St. Anger Version)


I can just see the high school garage band recording this into a cassette boom box, with the backup singers running up to scream right into the built-in microphones and the drummer beating on a metal toolbox instead of a snare. Very evocative! Almost makes me miss my crap-band days. Almost :slight_smile:


So what compressor did you use on the 2 Buss? And was that 1.01Db of compression or 1.02Db?


1.01. I believed that I should let the true dynamics of this mix shine through!


Glad to know that I could evoke such an emotion with such a handsome sounding mix.


If the meter doesn’t jump around 15 db it ain’t compressing!


The DR value of this version of the song is 4 dB.

Statistics for: 01. Why Wait.wav
Number of Samples: 9398239

              left              right

Peak value: over — over
Avg RMS: -5.11 dB — -5.63 dB
DR channel: 4.24 dB — 4.51 dB

Official DR value: DR4

Those dynamics!


Does this sound more like boombox recording?


Snare feels a bit delayed. Now it ruins the groove.
Check the alignment.


As stated above, it was done intentionally to mimic Lars Ulrich’s inability to keep proper time. Good ear though.



Nailed it!


I’m dying laughing over here. :laughing:


HO ho ho , i’m waiting for master of puppets version :slight_smile: !!!


It wasn’t recorded enough like MOP. Maybe Why Wait should hire Flemming Rasmussen, it would probably sound better than what they had.



Whoa! This one is totally crazy! But I bet you had a lot of fun! Good luck, mate! Haha! :beers:


For shure


You know it. Lars Ulrich, world’s most interesting timekeeper.

How did that ever get by any sensible engineer?


HUUUUGE smile on over my face!! Obviously love the snare, satur-detuned background vocals but I mostly love the parts when the acid kicks in and the drummer forgets what part of his song is on to later catch up on… lololololololololol This version deserves an 11!!! Lmfao!! :drums2::drums::beerbang:


Great fun listening to your version!


Is it the regular @cptfiasco work… I’m confused :blush:

By the way, it needs as much work as mixing properly!


Disappointed to see that this wasn’t in the top four, I thought it was certainly a unique take on the track.