Official mix for Why Wait Contest

Let us take you back to the '90’s. Official Mix.

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Wow big room feel here. Nothing dry about this mix. It really feels like it is in a garage which is cool but unfortunately that comes with some mud and clarity issues. I like your arrangement, taking the guitars out in the verse would have been even more effective if they would have been more evident when they kick in. Unfortunately everything becomes so muddy. I think that you could have kept the feel of space but cleared things up a lot by cutting the low mids out of the reverb to start. Thanks for sharing.

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Interesting mix, like it was said above, there’s a garage feeling. I feel like things could be more panned, and there’s not much clarity. Good luck!

She left him stuck in the mud. Thanks for your feedback!

This is one of those cool examples of how different mix styles can completely change the character of a song. I’m listening from my laptop, so I can’t give it a fair listen yet, but I will and I’ll let you know what I find. What inspired you to go “90’s” with it? I’m just curious if you had another song in mind that you’d compare it to. Good work!

@holster this song is about the forgiving nature of love. In order for us to do that, we need to have one or two flaws. In one of my posts here, i said about modern music which is so much about advertising and presentation that the singers appear to be inhuman. That is why its hard to love modern music. I would compare this song to a soundtrack on a comedy tv series from the '90s, and i totally can see it on a Drama/Romance/Comedy movie.

Thanks for listening!

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Cool mix, I would defo look at those cymbals doing a lot of pshhhhh in the chorus.

Definetely different and unexpected.
I like the mentality but it lacks in execution.
It’s a bit muddy and needs some better balancing. For example I would draw back the OH’s by 3-6db and raise the bass by another 3-6 db.
Also I would prefer the mix less wet. I think it would make it easier/more comfortable to listen to.
Finally the final solo guitar is out of place.

Good luck!

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I get the idea, but I agree that the result is not compelling.
It just sounds like a cassette recorder was used in a basement/rehearsal room, which is not very appealing, and yet the acoustic sounds almost hifi. Kind of a weird choice for a mixing entry.
Good luck! :slight_smile:

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Maybe i should have sampled the drums to work separately with each drum hit. Or maybe a multiband compressor. Thanks for the feedback Patrick!

It is a bit roomy and muddy for my taste…peace

My first thoughts when this started playing? I thought you got that sound by placing a mic in front of some speakers in order to achieve a live like performance. At least I know what the band sounds like during practice. Seriously, the wide range of possibilities is indirectly expressed in this mix.

I agree this sounds like a practice mix. At first I thought this was mixed by a drummer. After a few passes I would not of put it in a big room on it. The balance is creative taming the drums and especially the cymbals a bit you could on to something.

I like the direction of this mix. I would HPF the room to reduce the muddiness and tame the cymbals to fix the issues mention above.

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Thanks for listening!

Not sure what you mean. I didn’t want to be harsh, just saying how I heard your mix, maybe my choice of words was not the best and you took it bad. If so, sorry. Waiting to hear some great music from you! :slight_smile:

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Raw & garage rehearsal feels! Quite nice in several conditions. Would do this kind of mix when it’s a live recorded. Good luck, mate! :smile:

Thanks! Hope to read you around on the forum!

I go for more clarity in my mixes (probably too much so…), but this is an interesting take on the song. Did you use the direct guitars? I should have looked at those for some different sounds… One thing I would suggest is not to be afraid to pan hard left and right; this mix sounds like there is little out at the edges.

If you have the chance, please listen to and comment on my mix; I’d appreciate it:

Mike K’s Mix 2 of Personality

A totally different take, 90s garage at the best :slight_smile: With this mixing approach in mind, the one thing distracting from the whole feel of the song are the vocals. Everything is blended into this room ambience that gives it the distinct sound, but the vocals are too “polished” and really not blending with the rest of the sound. Same goes for the acoustic guitars on some parts of the song. If intended, very bold mixing decision overall sound wise, if not, it needs a few steps to get it to a commercially sounding track. :slight_smile:
Happy mixing,