Now Hear This (or Hear Ye, Hear Ye)

If you really must buy the latest black box of tricks, or the latest mix-maximising souped-up plugin, go ahead, but let me ask you this:

Can you clearly hear every single piece of instrumentation (including vocals of course) at any, and all, given moments during your track? No? Well then you get a C minus. Go to jail, do not pass Go, do not collect £200. And you’re not coming out until everything can be heard clearly. Now how useful is your new purchase?

Get your mix levels right. It’s all about the levels.

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D’oh! Oh well, back to the drawing board! :sob:

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I am completely jiggy with this concept. :grin:

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WTF is jiggy?

Dude, get hip! All the kids say that these days.

Oh wait… that was back in the 90s. :nerd:

You evidently haven’t heard about @bozmillar 's next plug in.
The I do everything to make your mixes better, louder, more dynamic and more exciting than anything heard this side of Alpha Centuri.

Don’t make me laugh, the man can’t even spell his own name - Miller - properly.

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I don’t see it this way at all. From my perspective, everybody else is spelling it wrong, and I’m the only one spelling it right.

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That’s only because you’re a conceited ego maniac. :smiley: