Not saying I'm in love

It’[s been a while since I’ve written anything, but I’m hoping this year will be a productive one.
Let me know what you think, any suggestions, anything that stands out for you?
The plan is to revisit some of these songs in a couple of months so re recording is not out of the question (In fact, I’m already thinking the vocals need to be re done)

Let me know what you think!


Added lyrics at @holster’s request:

Lovers come and lovers go
Love is blind I told you so
I’m in love and that’s just where were at

Sometimes I dream that you
Dream about me too
Well, I’m here and you’re with me

I ain’t saying I want to be with you tonight
I ain’t saying that I want to hold you close to me
I’m just walking along this life with you my friend
I ain’t dreaming that you are dreaming with me

Now a look begets a smile
I’ll be happy for a while
'Cause I looked at you and you at me

One more time, I will pretend,
That I’m looking at a friend
But the truth is plain to see

I ain’t saying I want to be with you tonight
I ain’t saying that I want to hold you close to me
I’m just walking along this life with you my friend
I ain’t dreaming that you are dreaming with me

I’m just saying the things that I couldn’t say
All those times your hair was blowing my way
Won’t you walk with me
Won’t you talks with me
Won’t you do you, while I hold your hand?


Any chance you could post the lyrics for this one? I’m hearing a few things that might need to be tweaked a bit, but I’m trying to fully understand the concept of the song first :wink:

Mix-wise, it’s coming together. Acoustic seems a bit bright, but I need to hear it on something other than my laptop. Haha!

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beware the temptation to boost the high end in the name of improving clarity. I’d definitely pull back the high end on those drums and find a way to get them to punch through without being so harsh.

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Hi I like it. Nice mellow feel sorta eagle ish. Sound like a live band. Maybe Neil Diamond too?



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There’s a couple of low drum beats, in several places, not sure if it’s kick or tom but they stand out and seem like somethings happening in the low frequencies. Hearing the same things when the vocal starts when the bass plays and like holds a note it sounds like several notes at once oscillating.

Seems like just a technical thing, might just be my playback system, hard to get something that translates well everywhere.

Live feel vibe is nice.

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I was reading this comment right about the time I heard, at 0:32, the vocals kick in. I definitely get a Neil Diamond vibe. Before that, the music was compelling but yet sketchy in some ways. Mainly timing I think, but also some of the EQ and mixing. The vocals are pretty good, but can be better. The music is good but can be better in timing and recording/mixing.

Really good song, and nice performances so you’re … 70% there? While this doesn’t need to be super tight on timing, it’s Pop with a little Folk influence so it needs unobtrusive timing. Get the sounds to be sweet and fit into the mix like pieces in a puzzle.

Neil would be proud to do this song, but he’d insist on top notch musical performances from the musicians, and top notch sounds from the engineer/producer. “Your mission, if you choose to accept it …”

Ask yourself: “What would Neil do?”


I like it but I have a little problem with the beat, I can’t explain the problem… sorry:confused:
The end is maybe a little too brutal.

It sound good!

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great minds…

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woops, I mutted again

Got it, I did think it was a bit much, but also felt it was within acceptable limits, I’ll definitely work on that.

While Neil Diamond is not in my musical vocabulary, I was thinking of contemporary late 70’s performers. Definitley the Eagles, just not as tight.

Good point, I’ll definitely re-record this to get it tighter.

I made some last minute changes to the drum parts before the second chorus which helps keep it interesting but maybe needs to be tweaked to better fit the song.

I think I know what that is, there’s a few tom hits which are distracting, that was the point but maybe they’re a bit too distracting, I’ll change that bit.