Not put a mix up for a while

Hope it sounds ok

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Listening on cheap Sony headphones at work… sounds pretty good to me. All instruments are audible and clear. Wow… that intro is something… and it’s a four and a half minute song that is about 27% guitar solos… what’s not to like? :wink: While I don’t have anything technical to add… I can say that I like it!

Listened a couple times, and it sounds excellent for production and performance, @takka360. Lyrically it’s quite vague to me, Promises and Lies, which is a discouraging situation, but in this case not pointing me in any direction. It could have been a heavy handed poke at politicians, but it could be about society in general, shallow friendships, and it could be about relationships and online dating sites, so there you go. You sound like Uriah Heep vocally, whom I like a lot, on meth. The guitar was frenetic, the drums incessant, the bass driven in the groove, and the ending was tasty.

Really cool! As @skua mentioned, it’s hard not to like all sorts of guitar solos… the passage at 2:40 is awesome!
Only technical thing I’d mention… I’m a bit conflicted about the mids in the vocals, they sound fairly scooped out, which certainly help them sit in the mix a little bit, but I wonder what they would sound like with a bit more mid-range-y growl to them. Also, I felt like the vocals could be compressed a bit harder… which could help bring them more “in your face”.
Either way, I think it sound great! Cheers!

Thank you all for the feedback,but i only mixed the track.The track, track recording and vox etc are the work of a guy called Johnny lokke.Many thanks all.

Bit more mastering done now.Not a mastering guy but try my best,

Nice mix mate :slight_smile:
Completely different from what I just commented on!

I actually prefer the first mix. But then I’m listening for the first time so.

Sounds pretty good ! Maybe the toms panning could be a bit wider?

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The 2nd seems to translate better and you can listen a lot louder

I should check on my speakers for that, but I’m gonna piss off some one if I do that now :smiley:

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I dont know what is good or bad anymore lol,your head looses focus after the smoking and lines mate.I just enjoy doing it :smiling_imp::blush:

Cant relate to the lines, but the smoke can get you loose perspective indeed :slight_smile: But sometimes I hear problems better, cause everything sounds more intense. But its easy to compensate to agressively.

I love a smoke when im mixing.Cans on head at night.

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But then the next day :upside_down_face:

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Im going to do this again to see what i come up with i think

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Post the original mix then :smiley: I mean, when you’re completely stoned, mix it, and put it up as it is :slight_smile:
I’m curious of the result :slight_smile:

That is the original mix…I shall do it again and post up.Will spend a few hours on it

Oh, I thought you meant you’d do a song, some time in the future, when you would smoke during the mix, and then upload that mix. :slight_smile:

I have a new pc coming tomorrow with 32 g of ram and ssd drive,so looking forward to that

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Redoing a mix is not fair to this experiment, cause you have a reference to your previous mix :slight_smile:

Take a song you never mixed before, of make one, and do it all stoned, and then upload the result :smiley:

If you want I can do the same, just for fun :slight_smile:

Thats a nice thing to look forward to :smiley: