Not an introduction

…but really a reintroduction.

Joined years ago, but have been very quiet for a few simply because any kind of home recording has been impossible. However, now the redecoration of the spare room has been finished and I’ve got my recording “rig” back up and running I have no excuses (apart from the stash of scale models I’ve also got to work through in the same room!)

So yeah, hi again!

Jeff (JJ)


I first said “he sounds familar” ha ha Glad you have space and new energy. I am 75 and writing lyrics today again. I always tell folks I am up for collabs, and actually had a few. Welcome back.

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There are three things I wish I could do in music

  1. Sing (actually I can kinda sing, I just don’t have a nice sounding voice)
  2. Play drums
  3. Write lyrics

1 is no mystery at all. Just luck of the draw
2 is not much of a mystery, I never had a drum kit
3 is a total mystery to me. I just have no aptitude for it at all, and no idea how anyone can do it.

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Hey Jeff Most DAW’s have a good variety of drums that sound pretty decent. I have studio one and EZdrummer but use the drums in studio one more often for simplicity’s sake.
lots of fold will volunteer to sing for you. If you need a pitch crutch I could fix any and all mutt notes for you with melodyne :slight_smile:
Lyrics now can be done with AI I haven’t ever used it but my grand kids have showed me some amazing results.
I started one yesterday just with one word “diva” Then i started imagining a bunch of scenarios. For example this is how far I got. Also this will be changed many times. Very little of this will be used. Just stuff I think might work. haha
most folks would not post this, but I am too old to care

Hey diva

Come down… off yur throne … must be lonely up there on yur own E A B
Pampered privileged ya never worked a day F#m C#m A F7
Bet you’ve always had it… had it yur own way A Cm7 A B E

Yur a diva that’s ok I’m right here to save the day G
Come with me and share this day I got plans for you

Lets go diva I’ll open yur eyes… a bar a band a burger and fries G Em
Simple people simple talk…you won’t know till you walk that walk

Hey diva…. stop worryin bout yur slender thighs A E B A E

Maybe scrape those makeup layers off yur face they look two foot thick E
Slap on some tight jeans some cowgirl boots make you look real slick
Pour your own cereal make your own bed A
Tell yur nanny you can butter yur own bread E
Time to go out dancing time to let loose B7
I’d like to see you shake your caboose

Hey diva I talked you outa prison A E B E
I’m glad you came… you can see the other side A E B
Hey diva my friends all want to meet you A E B E
We’ll spend the day you can then decide what to do A E B A E

Great to see you laugh I can see the chains are loosening
The only question will you break free

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I know that! But I just wish I could pay drums (it looks like lots of fun)!

Thank you. I can do that with the equivalent feature in Cubase 11, but the offer is still appreciated.

Now there’s an interesting idea. :+1: