NOT a Metal mix

NOT a Metal mix


Hi Guys,

This is one of the few circumstances that I get to mix a song outside of the metal genre and I don’t think I’m doin a great job at the moment :sweat_smile:. I need some backup :slight_smile: Its still on its early stages of mixing and I hope you can help me out find the problems with the mix before I go on finishing it. Cheers and thanks in advance.


To vocals feel like they are sitting too far back. It sounds like you have all these instruments up front, and the vocalist standing in the back of the room trying to sing along.


Ok @bozmillar that noted thanks :smiley:


Just listening on my laptop right now.

I can see what Boz is saying. The snare drum is especially dominant.
I don’t mind the vocals being a little understated in this mix but it would probably appeal to more people if the lead vocal level came up a bit and the snare didn’t overshadow it.


Thanks @Wicked I will definitely take note of that. cheers!


Hey Brian,

I think the issue with the vocals is that the midrange needs to poke through more assertively to bring them more “up front”. Combine that with slightly less aggressive drums and perhaps a little more “clang” from the guitars and you’ll be more in the ballpark for the genre.