Normalizing Audio

OK, so I had a box of beers.
I just tried to upload a nice version of my Blue Ballad draft, But I wasn’t allowed to upload a wav file.
Converted it to mp3 and it sounds like shit.
What are the mp3 settings that do not sound like shit?
The fact this is a music forum and cannot upload wav seems counter intuitive.
What am I missing?

It may be a music forum but storage costs money, and wavs are about ten times the size of mp3 files.

If you convert your wav to a 320kbps mp3 you will not hear any drop in quality and you can upload it to the forum.

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OK, mine was 256.
And yes, I noticed the 1/10 factor.
(Sounds of young Svenster throwing toys out of cot…)


Use these parameters in LAME.
-S --noreplaygain -b 320 -m s -h - %d

This way you’re getting true stereo instead of joint stereo, and highy quality encoding even though it takes longer.

My question is…can a person who is not normal normalize??? ha ha A beginner wants to know.



@Sven talks about converting to MP3, but the title makes me think it’s about normalization. This is what Barry Diament had to say about it.

““Normalization” (I call it abnormalization) is a means of raising the level of a digital recording so the peaks reach maximum level. This is a trap many semi-pros (among others) fall into. When done for an album project, it results in “quiet” tunes that sound louder than the “loud” tunes. In addition, when done to a 16 bit recording, as is often the case, this results in truncation of the low order bits (which carry a lot of important musical information), adding harshness and obliterating the stereo image by losing important spatial cues.” - BD

Deeeeep stuff. I thought compression did that. ha ha I’m gonna be so smart one of these days.

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I have as well. It’s only fun!

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Compression will smooth out the peaks and compress the signal (squash the highs, bring up the lows). Normalization is just like a volume knob, making the waveform louder by raising all the peaks. Normalization is helpful in many ways, but yeah it can sound unnatural compared to adjacent material. You are also bringing up the noise floor, so it’s not so good with recorded material with unwanted noise (though you could use a gate or expander).

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Glad to know Stan. I will never need that cuz I always have noise.


Ah, it all makes sense now. DEI = CPF = WTF :laughing:

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