No Way - Featuring Boz's clicks, stomps and claps

Hey gang,

Been a while and I have been busy working on a new project with a friend, something I am very excited about.
Without going into any real detail, I have been asked by a friend to produce music with her after I worked on production and arrangement for another project she was involved in. And we are both having a blast. It is also brand new territory for me as it is all “in the box” instrumentation and I have not done a lot in this style. She (Lou) writes the songs, gives me a demo track (vox and guitar) and then a vocal demo to a click and I construct the music around it. I’ve been given a tonne of freedom, with my only instructions to be moody and dark with layers where possible.

This is close to the final mix (I have to make a few vocal adjustments on a few words and have been asked to raise the verse vox a little too).

I’d be keen to hear your thoughts overall. It features Boz Digital Lab’s clicks, stomps and claps too, which was so much fun and so easy to use (free promo).

Now to listen to other peep’s songs after being away for a while.


Nice tune! Very different for you. It sounds good on my cheap speakers at work… I’d like to listen on my studio system at home, but I don’t think that will be happening for a while.

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Thank you for the review! Now your song: I like the reverse intro ala Tears For Fears/Duran Duran/Yes (in my opinion). The female vocals are very good! I myself have used Boz’s handclaps in a song, though I haven’t gone public with it yet, from what I recall. Instrumentally, everything sounds very good also! Melodies sound good all around. Very nice song & recording! :slight_smile:

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sounding good. I think the vocals could go up a click or two. In the intro you have some nice instruments in the low mids and then they disappear I feel like I am missing them all the way through. I know you bring in some low end a little ways in but it is just above that I am thinking there may be too big a hole. I could be wrong on that and this is just after 2 listens so, you know my view could be some different after another 20 to 100 listens.

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Fair call on all those things Eric! The singer has requested the vox up a little in the verses (I have a habit of burying them unintentionally). I will check out the low mid freq and see what I can do.
Thanks mate!

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Just taking a listen on my studio speakers… Ok now I have some perspective…

Very different for you, Dan - kudos for trying something new!

Here are a few of my impressions:

Vocals: The vocals feel like they need more warmth in the low mids - they are a little too nasal; a little on the “sterile” sounding, and it gives me the slight impression that the vocalist is somewhat detached and disinterested - Of course, I know that’s not the case, but it’s just the emotion that comes across.

For this style of music, the vocals in general feel under-done, both in terms of overall production and processing. The chorus vocals are crying out for some layering and harmonies, and I feel like you’re being really timid with the ambience processing. Here’s your chance to really develop some swirling, trippy, atmospheric delays and reverbs to really make those choruses explode with colour and movement.

Which brings me to the overall long-term dynamics: In music like this, the chorus has to DROP, and it needs to be full-on. It needs to get BIGGER in every possible metric - overall volume level, frequency range, width, depth and space. Automation is your friend. At present, mix sounds quite static in that respect. I really wanted it to happen, but it just didn’t.

The last aspect I want to mention is transitions. These are ultra important in this style of music. They are opportunities to create expectation and anticipation, but they are really going begging here… Eg. The break before the first chorus is just…silence…! How about just trying a delay throw on “mouth is”? Chuck a subtly swelling reverse cymbal underneath it and run it through a flanger, maybe? C’mon man! This is an awesome opportunity to let your imagination run wild!

The final chorus transition is much better, and it works really well, but the drop is just not as big as it needs to be. I would suggest maybe mixing a little of the original vocal in with the band-limited one in the breakdown, as the intelligibility is being compromised by the effect there - you’re losing your sibilant sounds, and it over-emphasises the nasality in her tone just a bit too much.

I’m probably sounding too critical here, so I’m sorry if that’s how I come across… I really think you’ve got a great production happening… I just think you’ve got to push a little bit more to see it really reach it’s full potential.

Nice work!


Not critical at all. You’ve brought up a few things that I have pondered myself, but to be honest, I am actually not too sure how to go about it. I will re-read your comments a few times and see what I can do. You are correct about the opportunity to go wild. That has been the direction I have been given.

Probably the only thing I will disagree with is the silence before the fist chorus. I think I’ll keep that, as I do other stuff in the other “would be” silent parts. BUt yes, the drop needs to actually drop!

Thanks again and I will revisit this and throw some more things at it!

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I Love the intro.
The vocals are excellent.
I love the beat of the song.
Very peppy and hip.
Instruments are perfect in the mix.
Thanks for sharing.

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Wow!! There’s a LOT of cool stuff happening on this song!! @danmanisa - For some reason I had always thought of you as a lot more of a rock guy… great to see you exploring the keyboard oriented production world.

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