No Time To Die (Bond 2021) - Mix Contest!

Video in the works, stay tuned!

Jan 15th Update:
This one has subtle automation on reverbs and delays as they come and go.

A few more finer touches needed:
vocal level balancing
final mastering
video production (possibly)

Jan 7 update - Finished Production (Instrumental Version)

Dec 2020 - Orchestral Instrumentation

@ManAbyss I think your wife’s vocals may sound really good with this .
@Emma as well.
Let me know if either of you have any interest and I will send you an HD version of my track.

Here is the original song by Billie Eilish

Coming Next (Vocal Version)


Sounds fabulous so far - looking forward to hearing the finished product. Great choice of song to cover! :+1:

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listening on my AKG 701 with realphones in HIFI mode with sub setting
. Sounds stunning
Guitar is a bit lost tho slightly

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Ooh happy to give this a try but no guarantees … great song!!

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I will send you the backtrack once I am done with it :slight_smile:

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That’s quite a song and a very nice cover in the works! Looking forward to hearing how it turns out. :beerbanger:

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Sounding really good !

Never heard this song before but it’s got a great emotional feel !

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@FluteCafe We are in!

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Hiya! I will send you the backtrack as well, I have it mostly done.

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Can’t wait! …and a Happy new year!

Finished Production on Youtube (Instrumental Version)
In Collaboration with my friends Michael and Nastja who are amazing dancers.

Coming Next (Vocal Version collab with @ManAbyss )
Work in progress…



What a beautiful music video! The dancing couple is very fitting on this flute rendition. I am very impressed with your video production skills. The music isn’t left behind either, everything looks and sounds awesome. The vocal version should be really interesting too.

I love the way the strings sound when they play the descending gimmick at 2:13 even better than in the original.

One tiny detail: around 0:32 there is a clash between the sustained chord (Em6 or A7, however it is supposed to be named), and the piano that plays a natural C (the clash is against the C# obviously). In the original, I didn’t even pay attention because the chord is played by what sounds like a really muffled piano. But in your cover, the chord is played by strings which are much clearer, and the clash becomes quite apparent.

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That’s an excellent video and the music is sounding great!

The dancers added a really nice touch to your video. Looks classy and professional.

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Great job Michelle.
Love both the music and the video.
I also noticed a lot of …Indian love for you in the comment zone :grin:

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Sounds (& looks) fabulous :+1::+1::+1:

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Very very nice! Thanks for sharing it with us!

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Thanks for your excellent observations!

Thank you ! I have put in a lot of effort, investment in terms of both time and money over time to capture colors and music. Something about capturing music, light and colors fills an emptyness in life. It started as scrapbooking at first, then I got a camera and a recorder as a gift one day as a kid and sometimes I would take pictures and associated sound files with them. The interest grew into videography.

Thanks :slight_smile: I spent a few years in India learning classical music. I had taken a break and took a long trip to India to “enhance” and grow my musical acumen further. There I met some great people in the music Industry. I helped write scores for tv shows, soap operas and music videos. I also performed at weddings and such and developed quite a following. They want me back there and I love em all, they are all so nice.

Thank you Andrew!

Honestly, this place feels like home. There are so many things I have been able to overcome since becoming part of this group!

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wow! That’s so impressive!

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Yes, I can tell that you’ve put lots of work into it. While I was watching the video, it crossed my mind that it must have taken you quite a bit of time and effort to get that done.

Great job !

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Sounds very nice! Great job!

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