No School, Original Tune

I am just sharing this for fun and ideas on how to move it forward.
I will just not qualify anything and see what comes up! Logic Drummer (heavily edited), and everything else played by me, and my wife. its a real wurli!

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I think this is really nice,

I kinda widened it a little and put some tape on it to subtle it down as the high mids felt a little cluttered, and the wurli was a touch loud… otherwise very nicely done, that was barely a criticism…

Loved it.

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Very cool tune Taylor, has a good pop hook to it. The dual vocal is a great idea and you guys blend well with the contrast in your voices. It wouldn’t have to track all the way through though , you could have some trade offs, interplay maybe. At first I thought the vocals were too up front but then it grew on me so … …

Do you guys do any standards or real book stuff? Might be fun to do a collab cover thing here.

Wow sounds aweosme! What tape? Plug in? Tape tames that nasal stuff ao well… glad you liked it!

Thats a really great point about trading off. Plus I can just edit that, the vocal bothered me because it was impossible for us to nail the performance exactly alike. But i will just keep the good and choose the best of the bad!

I can make her learn something ha! Just throw a tune out and we will make it cool!

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Heres my attempt at incorporating your thoughts guys. I dropped the Kick 1.5 db too.

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Digging it. I think you could put some delays on the vocals. Also i don’t know how much tuning you have done with the vocals but i would say that there are sections that could use a little more and still keep the loose vibe. Also when the synth is going and your vocals come back in the synth is stepping on them.


Great vibe for sure. I feel better about my day already. Vocals are still a bit muffled in a few places. Intro a bit long for me anyway. Congrats for another dandy.

Hey Taylor, really diggin’ the tune and the whole idea of the song! The imagery and alliteration in the lyrics is very evocative. It’s also nice to hear songs with decent chord progressions. Pop music currently is a harmonic desert. I also like the trippy lead synth sound.

I’m not listening on anything decent, so I can’t really comment on the mix too much, apart from the fact it sounds pretty decent on these speakers (which actually aren’t terrible).

My only comments are regarding the production:
I think the tuning of the vocals need a little bit of attention. I get the lazy feel of the song, and that a fairly lose vibe is right for it. I think that can be evoked by the way each singer approaches and ends each note (sliding up, sliding down). However, I think it’s pretty important to get those long sustained notes pretty bang on, as that will improve the “listenability” of the song - particularly the getting the unison octave parts to sync up.

I remember this song in the last few years by “Of Monsters and Men” where there is a male and female unison melody singing an octave apart. One of the really noticeable things was how tight the tuning was between them. I’d bet there was some tuning involved, but at the same time, it didn’t sound artificial.

Arrangement-wise, the intro is a bit overly long IMO. I realise it probably previews the chord progression, but I think the plain piano arpeggios are probably not enough to sustain interest through that part.

Another thing I could hear happening in a track like this is for there to be some additional instrumental development to happen later in the song. There is probably a lot of scope for additional “summery” textures and soundscapes to evolve around the story-line that underline the feeling of the song even more.

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Thanks I am gonna do a 3rd pass tomorrow and try to tune the vocal, and add something in the intro to make it more interesting! This is a great forum.

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Sounds great here .maybe some delay on the vox here and there would be nice as already been said. Synth bit too loud me thinks .Great work

Nice, Taylor. I agree with Paul that the intro is a bit long. I love the way the vox complement each other, but agree with Andrew that they could use some attention. I’m thinking they could be tighter (with each other).

Very creative. A little bit of a brit sound. That synth part at around 2 min made me smile. Reminded me of Tommy James and the Shondells! :slight_smile:

I think your latest version of No School is a good step forward, I think the vocal trade offs work well.

You guys singing together makes me think of ‘Killer Joe,’ the old Benny Golson swing tune that’s been covered a lot. Quincy Jones did a funk version and Manhattan Transfer has the girls on the high riff part while the guys do the gritty rap part underneath, something you guys would maybe like? Of course there’s only a few million other things so . . . .