No Peace in La Paz 2020 remix

No Peace in La Paz 2020 remix

So there was this band, Charas, from the 90s who are a total unknown but are extremely talented, and the singer/guitarist is my friend from GarageBand days. Anyway, I visited him in England in 2005 and sent him a demo song I had written shortly after I got back. This is what they did with it.

2005 Version-

It is in my opinion my best song ever, largely because I wrote the words and basic tune only and left the rest to them. So much to my surprise, I received a new mix this week, adding a real bass, some more guitar, and a lot more processing. To my ears, having grown attached to the original for so long, I was at first a little bit prejudiced against the changes, but the more I listened the more I liked the new one.

2020 Version-

Now I am feeling like I have two extremely good versions, the new one not so much replacing the old as supplementing it. I think people in general might find one to be more their cup of tea than the other, and since this is the place to get bashed, especially for production, I am intrigued as to how you guys react to them.

If I were rich, Iā€™d hire them to be my band on all my songs!

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