No broken vocal check

No broken vocal check

Again I have not really started mixing, in fact I have some more recording to do. I am just curious as to what you would do to this vocal. It was recorded by someone else and given to me with some processing baked in. I am just wondering if it needs more mids removed or added or highs, is is too much saturation, etc?

It’s an interesting vocal. I kind of like the somewhat ‘raw’ quality of the performance, even though it does seem processed already. My first thought is just some reverb (like plate?) to push it back in the mix just a little bit. The sound is okay, but a little bit brash since it seems so ‘direct’. I’d try putting some space around it, and maybe set it back in the mix just a little (with the reverb), so the other instruments can come out a touch more. Maybe compress it a bit too, or a bit more, to even it out. Seems like this could use drums or some sort of percussion for accompaniment, even if very minimal. The acoustic guitar does that a little bit, but it seems like something is missing beat-wise.

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Hi Don’t like the breath ha in or what ever. Sorry those long draw notes needed a little vibato or something. If you are going to sing the long notes, you might want to speed the whole mix up a bunch. IMHO Glad this is someone else we don’t know. It’s all pretty bad. Sorry for having to say that. I just lost interest right away.

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Yeah cool that is what I needed to hear. I will play around with that as I finish recording the other parts and mixing the instruments.

The drums come in a little later. I am going to have a cello hear that should help to add persuasiveness. Thanks so much for the feedback.

Ha ha this is me singing it is someone else who recorded it. I am glad you didn’t know though because I appreciate all honest feedback. I am too old to hold anything too dearly and I know that not everything is every bodies taste. Like for example I don’t ever sing with vibrato because that is not my taste. I am willing to try singing it again but I think that you would not like that any better so I may just see what I can get from this. Thanks again for your feedback.

When you said it was recorded by someone else, it threw me off. I have lost more friends here than I have made with those comments. It is personal when you say something like that. Shit again. I am all done with honesty. From now on fluff only.

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no way man stay honest. You will not lose me as a friend from comments like that. I have plenty thick skin and I know that the creative process like anything is a learning process. Not everything I make is good in fact probably most is not but that is part of the process. keep hitting me with it, it is all good.

I’m a bit late to the party here… here’s my take.

I quite like the vocalist’s tone, especially in the lower register. I also like the sound of the vocal overall. That said, the vocal does sound pretty dry and disconnected from the mix, though.

In this really exposed context, the breaths don’t sound natural - they almost sound like short gasps. I’m guessing that might be baked in compression causing that. I think you could probably get away with breaths like that if the backing was a dense rock mix, but it sounds out of place in this setting.

The higher, sustained notes sound a bit strange, like all the natural vibrato has been flattened, and some of the note transitions sound kind of “wrong”. For example, the word “Alive” (at 17 seconds before the end of the clip) - It sounds like the tuning has selected an out of key note for the “a” of “a-live”.

I would suggest using some delay on the vocals for those big chorus sections (at least), to give some sense of space to the vocals.

Hope that helps!

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yes that is probably the case. I will do something with those breathes.

I will check the tuning I don’t remember there being any flattening but I may have done some as this was done a couple of years ago now.

Yes that helps a tonne. THanks so much for the feedback.