Nice orchestral library offer from Kirk Hunter

Nice orchestral library offer from Kirk Hunter


Just got this email… pretty good offer for someone !!! (Not me, as I am in STOP SPEND mode…)

Get 85% off Diamond Symphony Orchestra!

Just one more week, time is running out!
The Diamond Symphony Orchestra library covers all the standard orchestral instruments, comprising a very large “Concert” string sections, solo strings, brass instruments, winds instruments and percussions with a combined total of a massive 45GB of samples!

This library sounds very realistic and doesn’t sound artificially clean – an effect that Kirk Hunter has cultivated very carefully. This is a great sounding orchestra and it has solo string programs to die for!

For the next two weeks, this collection is offered at an amazing 85% discount.

Visit our website now and use this code on cart or checkout page to get 85% off: 85OFF