Nice Little Writeup

Nice Little Writeup


Here’s a nice little feature my music got on an Australian Indie music blog, thanks to the wonderful help of my great IRD music mate @ptalbot. Thanks Pat!


Very cool Andrew.


Awesome! :clap:


Very interesting story, thanks for sharing! :beerbanger:


Love your story, Andrew! And I’ll do everything I can to get people to listen to your music! Keep 'em coming! :wink:


:+1: Very cool!


Yay… fantastic… I was wondering how it was going… So nice to see you too :smile:
Lovely write up, thanks for posting!! Do keep us updated with any new writeups etc. it’s so cool to read.


Super cool! Great to see the face behind all the words. Thanks for sharing Andrew!


Good story Andrew! And - sorry for being repetitive- good to see you, visually I mean. Actually, I don’t know why, I’d imagined you were older… Not that it makes any difference, just funny how your mind (I should say my mind) tends to fill in things I can’t actually see. Maybe because (as a 62 year old) it’s easy to relate to your music. I don’t know if there is such a thing as Aussie music, but you do have a certain vibe that sounds familiar.

I’m married to someone who’s mind can meander all over the place and really needs her creative outlets (she’s a textile designer). I can relate to your Meandersaur :smirk:


I’m 50 in 2 weeks time - not exactly a spring chicken anymore…:frowning:


In that case I should compliment you on the way you’ve managed to keep your vibrant good looks :grinning:


To quote Pete Townshend: “I look pretty young, but I’m just back-dated” :grimacing:




Way cool bud. Love your humble beginnings. Just three little chords:) congrats


Yup, just 7 years old at the time, and still using those 3 chords 43 years later - a LOT!


Yeah, if you were playing rock, no minor chords needed.


Didn’t someone famous say all you need is “two chords a red guitar and the truth”?


Cool! I’m looking forward to reading this. Your album sounds really good!


Thanks Pat - much appreciated!

Thanks - I don’t want to spam y’all, but I guess if there is something worthwhile I’ll try to post.

Yeesh… I’m not too sure about that, but they wanted pictures - I would have rather put up pictures of my dogs - they are far more interesting & funny! I really wanted to do a Ghostly Beard anonymous/mysterious thing, but that schtick has already been claimed!

Huh! My wife has a side business doing various artistic pursuits that take her fancy. She’s done everything from button necklaces to super-hero broaches, through leather bags and earrings. We’re 2 of a kind!

Thank you W!