Newly mixed Pop Punk song needs bashing

Newly mixed Pop Punk song needs bashing


Hi Guys,

I’ve just finished mixing this pop punk tune from a local band. Please pardon the language as it was sung in a native language. How does everything sound on your speakers? tips to improve the mix is much and well appreciated. Thanks guys! You’re awesome!!!


Hey Brian - killer mix as usual!

One thing I noticed with the vocals… The main vocal sounds good, but when some of the harmonies come in, there is a really noticeable buildup happening around 440hz. It’s there during all the backing vocals, but really noticeable in that phrase from 51-53 seconds. I’d suggest poking around with some eq in those BVs and try to find the culprit.

Hope that helps!


Got my motor running this morning. Good sound for sure.


My ears aren’t as good as @ColdRoomStudio but listening on headphones (a pair I use to reference) I feel like the right guitar is louder. It’s definitely brighter and that could be the reason. Hope this helps.


I feel like as well as cleaning up the bgvs you could at a little more distortion/edge to the vocals (obviously the scream has plenty of edge). I am not positive about this but that was my reaction. Sounding good.


Hey Brian, this is a really good sounding mix to me. Love the drum sound. Nice smack on that snare and the verb is just perfect. The lead vocal seems tucked in at a pretty good level too for this style. It seems a bit mid-range heavy though. The guitars and vocals seem to be fighting for the same space which could probably be cleaned up with a couple of EQ moves. Overall, it sounds pretty darn good.


Hey, very punchy song and mix, very spot on to me.
I really enjoyed that and I share thoughts from previous comments.
What I could say about BV is I found them way too roomy (like it was micked way to far from people) and singers are not that synced…

By the way, very fun song!!