New years resolutions - as a producer :D

1 - Build a legit facility

2 - In the time I’m waiting for it to be built, use my home studio to focus on thoroughly learning 3 VI’s. Omnisphere, Zebra, and Massive. Using Groove 3 training videos…I think they’re great.

3 - Get back up to speed with Machine 2 and Ableton Live.

4 - Start going through session tracks and scenes cues from films and dissecting/analyzing the layouts, mix techniques, and processing that was used to get them to their delivery point on the big screen.

5 - Partner with a gaming company and release a solid concept demo for a game - at this point I have squat to show thats anything meaningful. I have all the tools and knowledge to do it, but I’m having problems finding a game worth showcasing.

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For Omnisphere, also try the ones, they are really good too: