New WIP! Looking for critiques

I’m working with a singer to eventually put some vocals over this. The arrangement isn’t fully complete, i may move things around, and I still need to add transitions and whatnot. I’m pretty proud of the drums tbh, but please tell me what you think I should improve/change!

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Sounds pretty solid on my cruddy little speakers at work!.. I’d have to have a listen on my studio system to give you any more input than that. Nice work so far - Looking forward to hearing the finished product!

Hi! Nice composition, short but intense. I like the way you arranged your timing at the beginning, it kind of makes you wonder whether this is an odd time signature or not.

Here are my comments.

At 0:22 when the drums start I was expecting way more volume, it sounds like there is something building up and about to climax… but it doesn’t.

The mix sounds slightly muddy and the snare being tuned pretty low is struggling to stand out a bit. I think the guitars could be a bit clearer/brighter and the drums could be a lot punchier and also brighter. You can take away a good chunk of the low range on the guitars, I reckon. The bass is filling that space.

Just having a quick listen on my studio system. Still sounding very good! Mixwise, I think @Lophophora Jean-Marc makes some really good points.

I think the kick is punching out pretty well, but Jean-Marc’s point about the snare is a good one. I actually quite like the tone of the snare, but maybe a few judicious cuts in the low mids and a little brightening in the high mids might be worth trying.

The trick with big heavy down-tuned guitars is to get them to work well with bass without getting muddy is sometimes to cut more lows from them than you would expect. Treating the bass and guitars as one giant instrument where their frequency ranges compliment each other can be one approach. Others like to use Multiband compression on guitars to really compress those critical low mids.

BTW, there is only slight muddiness here, so its not like it is a huge issue.

Cool piece!

Thanks a ton guys! I’ll definitely try to improve it based on your suggestions. And yeah, it is an odd time signature @Lophophora! The beginning is in 5/4, but then it switches to a 2 beat grouping of 6/8 lol.

I was actually referring to the beginning of the section after the strings in 5/4, when it switches to 6/8. At first it feels like an odd time even though it isn’t, because of the grouping and the pause at the end. That’s what I particularly like there!

I am currently producing an album for a band who does some kind of mix between math rock and progressive rock, it is very interesting and it certainly made me scratch my head a few times lol. There are 12 songs in the album, next one has a few unusual times:

Why is your song so short by the way? Is it for sync licensing or something like that?

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I’m not finished, that’s why lol. I plan on it being a long song, plus the arrangement isn’t done