New to the Forum

New to the Forum


Hey Guys, new to the page here…
My names Alec and I’ve only just recently started mixing. I just finished up school at the Academy for Media Production in Pennsylvania and have been continuing to learn and sharpen my skills. I’m still not very good though, but I’ll keep trying. I really enjoy mixing rap and hip hop, but I enjoy all kinds of music. I joined the page to help others with their mixes, as well to be able to get feedback for mine. And Ill have a ton to share with open ears hahaha. Thanks guys


Welcome Alec. Feel free to post your productions/mixes for critique in the “Bash This Recording” section of the forum, as this has helped many here to improve their skills.

Also, don’t forget to spend some time critiquing other member’s mixes/productions. A BIG part of learning how to mix & produce music is learning how to listen.


Awesome! Thanks a ton!


Welcome Alec! Glad to have you with us, and congrats on your recent Academy education. Hope you have fun here!


Thak you! It was a blast. I got to learn a lot, but at the same time I feel like I’m only just getting started.


Greetings from PA’s Lehigh Valley!


Yo. Welcome! Good 2 have ya!


Great to have you here! I’m really looking forward to hearing your work and as @ColdRoomStudio mentioned, feel free to post in “Bash this…”. It’s a great group here of all levels and it’s a fantastic way to get some great tips, input, opinions and make friends. I’m also curious to hear about your experience in school. Welcome!! :beerbanger:


Hi there We have briefly met :slight_smile: You are like all brand new. I can’t almost remember those years. Best community I have ever been a part of. The knowledge base here is incredible. Glad you are here


Alec, welcome aboard; Glad you found us.


Good to have you here Alec. :beerbanger:


@Ahudson97, do you have any links of some material you’ve done? Just curious :slight_smile: