New song to review, will return the favor, as of Oct. 26th!

I put a new song in my music website called “Very Jaded Point of View”, it is the song on top. Please tell me how you like the song and how it can be improved, and I can return the favor (leave me a link) if you wish. Here is my link:

I feel like the instruments are well balanced. The vocals are too wet, blend in some dry and they need some more compression or automation to keep them from getting lost at points

Listening on my MacBook Air. Very nice mix.

I agree, maybe, with Eric about scaling back the verb on the vocals, but it does seem to work with this piece. You’re going for an effect, and I do like it. Still, it might be a bit much. Hard to say w/o hearing a drier version.

The instruments are well-balanced. I don’t like the drums. They sound like a band-in-a-box thing. They’re too perfect. Too MIDI. Could you replace w/ Slate or EZ or AD2? It would add a lot.

The band lacks dynamics. It sounds flat. The blend is nice and the arrangement is nice. I think automation would do tons here. That and the drums.

That said, it is nonetheless a good mix and arrangement. Like it. BUt if you want to improve it…

It is nicely balanced. The snare sounds a little boxy to me; it could propel things a little more with some added slam. You could also try bringing the guitars up in the chorus to define the chorus a little more. It is very nicely done, just needs a dynamic boost here and there to give it more energy in the right places.

Thank you for listening and commenting, I appreciate it! I will now see if I can find your music.

Thank you for listening and replying! I don’t remember precisely what I did for drums (it is all toontrack stuff: EZX drum stuff operating within Superior Drummer 2), but I know at least some of the drums were played by a session drummer. It is possible I created some of the drum patterns completely from scratch. I have an old Slate drum software thing, but I haven’t used it in years, it came with some, but not many drum patterns. I will now seek out your music.

Thank you for all of your comments, I appreciate it! I will now seek out your music.

Hi there. Love the vibe. some sour vocal notes on the vocal. Bummer that my headphones jack/motherboard died on this new dell. Never listened on puter speakers before. Lots of help from others on this track :slight_smile: Anxious to hear how you alter this now. Carry on

Thank you for the listen and for your comments, I appreciate it. I will now try to find your music.

I like the tune and the instrumental parts - very catchy.

You could try low passing the delay effects to get them to blend better with the vocal.

Maybe a bit of harmony to underline the chorus?

The ending took me a bit by surprise!.. Well, I guess they say it’s a good idea to leave the audience wanting more! :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you for listening and commenting! I will see if I can find your music.