New song to review (will return the favor) as of June 21st!

New song to review (will return the favor) as of June 21st!

I put a new song in my music website called “You’re the Only Way”, it is the song on top. Please tell me how you like the song and how it can be improved, and I will return the favor. Here is my link:

I was getting behind on your new songs, Aaron, so I just listened to about 7. This one transports me to the 80s or 90s with the arpeggiated synths just going to town. Mixed with your big verb vocals it really doesn’t matter that much what the words are, but you almost always get an idea floating in the music that stands out. In this case you included the lyrics on the song page, but you were pretty easy to understand. It really seems like you are referring to God (above), but this does not convey clearly, which is probably your intention.

It was not my favorite of the 7, but it has some very sweet synth lead. It felt at home in the mix. All your songs are upbeat. I don’t come away with any depressing or angry or overly joyous vibes on your musical journey. I am also struck by how you keep each song so short and tightly arranged. And disconnected from other songs, sort of snippets from life never telling the big story. Keep 'em coming!

Thank you for listening and commenting, I appreciate it! If I am a bit vague on the topic of my lyrics, it is pretty much intentional. I attempt to leave it open to the listener to decide what the lyrics refer to, even if their opinions might vary from my own. And I often write lyrics in such a way that they might have multiple meanings. I don’t typically type out my lyrics unless someone asks me to do so.

Ahhh, AA! I havn’t been around for a bit and I ALWAYS look forward to having a listen at what you make. Here we go… hitting play… now

Interesting start… waiting to see where it heads. Cool delay on the vocal at the end of the verses.
That lift in the vocals is great and exactly what the song needs. A few leaps in sylables are present and could use some volume automation. Cool little clicky sound there. What is that?

Oh man, that guitar!!! YES! That just takes it somewhere different and unexpected but the rhtymic pattern and sound make it both exciting and accessible. In fact, the song went from being good to something I am getting right into once that part came in.

Not too sure on the theromin section. I liuek the idea of using the theromin there, but the solo felt a little chaotic for the song (sorry, I hope that does not sound harsh, I just can’t think of another way to say it). A simper, more structured solo might be better only as it is a short section and the theromin sound fits perfectly well as a palete resetter!

Overall, I wasn’t as sold on this as I have been on some of your others, but after a bit (and that guitar!) it all come together and I really, really enjoyed it. Once more, good stuff!

Thank you for listening and replying, I appreciate it! I will assume that you did listen to “You’re the Only Way”. Not sure which clicky sounds you are refering to. Here are the synths I used: u-he Diva & ZebraHZ, and Arturia Jupiter 8V & ARP2600 V & CS-80 V & Mini Moog V & Oberheim SEM-V.

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The click sound, for lack of a better term (and it’s not a great one in audio production as it tends to imply a glitch) seems to be a sample or electronic feature. Unfortunately your synth list means very little to me - I’ll just sit back and politely nod. Out of my depth there.

Hi guy It’s hard to remember what you heard and comment. My memory is a goner. The exact verse notesfrom 24 to i think 54 needs something a little different like you did later on?? That also (for me) was a long time to use only two chords. The sound and vibe is very good however. The chorus is great. I am not sure what new songs do as far as format these days. I do know the samples (if that is what they are called) sound authentic. Your stuff is fun to listen to, I hope they someday take off. best to you

danmanisa and feaker,
Thank you for listening and for your comments. I appreciate it! At the risk of being a synth geek, none of the synth plug-ins I listed use digital samples. Except for the ZebraHZ (which uses different types of synthesis), the others do virtual analog to emulate famous hardware synthesizers, or in the case of Diva emulates various synth components. What did the drums and perhaps some synth sounds: Arturia Spark Vintage Drum Machine, is a different story; at least some of those sounds are sampled.