New song to review (will return the favor) as of Jan. 27th!

New song to review (will return the favor) as of Jan. 27th!


I put a new song in my music website called ‘Really Last’. Please tell me how you like this song and how it can be improved, and I can return the favor if you wish. The song is at the top of this link:


Kind of cool, Aaron. What is the synth you’re using?

I’d like to see the vocals more up front, at least for my taste. It’s hard for me to make out some of the words. They feel too “back there.” I’m a lyrics kinda guy, so maybe that’s just me.

Maybe more fills on the drums so it doesn’t sound so mechanical? But that might be the effect you want.

That said, there’s a nice energy about this piece. I really like it. I especially like the stuff going on from 1:11 to 1:30! That’s awesome!! The drum fills in that section WORK, man. And the synth lead around 1:18 is nice. But my favorite is that squeaky, gritty guitar synth stuff right at 1:11. I couldn’t recreate that in a million years, Aaron. Would love to know what you had going on there!

So, very creative piece. A lot of neat things going on. I listened to it twice man, just soaking it in. Nice job.


Thank you for the elaborate review, I appreciate it! Here are the synth plug-ins I used for the song: Spire, Dune 2, Spectral, Xils Stix, Diva, ZebraHZ, Arturia ARP2600-V, and HIve. Some of those were the trial version. The “squeaky, gritty guitar synth stuff right at 1:11” is u-he ZebraHZ. If you’ve never tried ($199) u-he Zebra (you can do it for free, and the demo version lasts perhaps forever), you should try it! The HZ (Hans Zimmer) version costs another $99. It might still be Hans Zimmer’s favorite synth. I will now check out your music.


Nice 80’s vibe, like the lead break synth. I really enjoy the layered keys, Not a lot of lyrics but maybe that’s your intention. Thanks for sharing.


Really digging the rhythms in “Really Last”. The sound fx are cool just before the synth solo too. I like the breakdown section - nice arrangement touch.

If anything, I’d like to hear some harmonies to highlight the choruses - as cliche’d as it may be I think that harmonies would provide a really nice lift.

Of the two songs, I prefer “Something for nothing” - it has some great hooks. The “hey” bit and the chorus are really catchy. For my taste, the arrangement could use some tweaks. I’d probably suggest cutting down the noodley synth bit between the chorus 1 and verse 2, and maybe creating more of a feature of it.

Overall, nice work!


I’m feeling the 80s for sure! A little Oingo Boingoish to me. And although the clarity of everything, including the vocals, is very good, the lyrics are hard to follow on first listen. I’m thinking the song is a little busy and fast paced and any way you can make the words easier to understand would be a huge plus.

I think your song ideas are strong, and your arrangements and mixes are already quite solid, the synths are sweet and fun! I really enjoy all the complexity, too, dude, which exceeds most New Wave music. Maybe Post New Wave.


Thank you for the review, I appreciate it! I will now seek out your music…I did not notice your music anywhere in this forum. If you have music you want me to review, leave me a link.

Thank you for reviewing 2 of my songs! I reviewed your most recent mix a few minutes ago.

I appreciate the comments! I will now look for your music.


Hi The intro is very cool. Your singer really got into this in a good way. The vibe is great, but I really don’t know where it is taking me yet. The solo is a bit long for me. Your higher vox (I feel is the best) gets a little lost in spots. Best part about this for me is that is is quite different than anything I have heard in a while :slight_smile:


Hey, really like it! I have nothing unique to add to what has been said already, but I will agree with a few of the comments, particularly that I feel the vocals could come forward a bit. I find them a little difficult to hear between the effects and the instrumentation. Sounds great to me otherwise and I like the arrangement, a lot of different things to really grab your attention and then keep it!


Hey, nice jam on Really Last. Love all the synths and the driving beat going throughout. Maybe just a bit too much delay on the vocal for my taste, but pulling that back a bit might bring it forward a little. Really great synths and sound selections!


Thank you for your thoughts, I appreciate it! I am the singer on this song. :slight_smile: I just reviewed your latest song.

Thank you for listening and replying! I will now seek out your music…I did not find any on this forum. Leave me a link if you want me to review your music.

I appreciate your review! Thank you! I found a song you mixed and I reviewed it.