New song to review (will return the favor) as of April 15th!

I put a new song in my music website called “Synth-O-Rama” (it’s the song on top). Please tell me how you like the song and how it can be improved, and I will return the favor. Here is my link:

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Wow that was wild. I loved it. I like the ups and downs of the volumes. At 40 seconds I thought this is very good, but it better change pretty soon. I thought at that second to shut everything down for a breather. Ha ha it happened just before the minute mark. This is good stuff aaron. I don’t have anything for you to review, but thanks always when you do:) (workin on one tho :slight_smile:

It sounds good! I was waiting for the hook though…the reason for the rest to be there. Know what I mean?
Keep crankin’ them!

Thank you for the review! :slight_smile:

Thank you for listening and replying, I appreciate it! Welcome to the forum. What country or state are you from? If you post any music, leave me a link here to remind me to check out your music. :slight_smile:

Cool tune!
I listened to it 3 times.
Mix-wise, everything sounds fine on my headphones, so the following comments are purely personal taste and nitpicking. The song works fine as it already is.

  • I’d tuck the “screaming lead” playing at the first half of the song, a little more in the mix. It stands out a liiiittle bit more than I would want it to. Or maybe it could be too bright in comparison with the rest of the tracks.
    -I’d put some more reverb on the kick beating alone at 1:15 - 1:20 and 1:58 to make it sound a bit more “majestic”.

Thank you for checking out my song, I appreciate it! I will now seek out your music.

All I say is you are ready for sci-fi movie soundtracks, dude! I love the way you portamento those leads and in stereo. Just big.

I am now in Very Spacious Galaxy, so fun!

I’m just listening down the line, and there is no denying you have achieved an identifiable sound, even though every song is so different. To me it is like you have sampled Andreas Vollenweider and played him in your style, which is more synth prog rock. Like postmodern electronica, using a new more sophisticated palette of sounds.

But you do add your own sense of melody and composition that is quite likable. I’m down to Living Again, and that one really rocks! I’ve got to stop now, but it’s all quite cool.

Thank you for listening to so many of my songs and for all of your comments, I really appreciate it! Will now see what new music you have.

Great song, I really enjoyed it. I liked that it was reminiscent of some vintage synths productions but still managing to sound modern.

Two things I think could be improved:

  1. The mix is slightly lacking some sheen in the high end. The arpeggiated synth is quite dark and full, and that is fine, but I think other parts should be balancing that in some way.

  2. The drums being abruptly stripped down to just the kick around 1:31 kind of breaks the mood. I really wish they kept going until 1:54, maybe fading out (or being gradually filtered from the top end)

Thank you for giving it a listen, and commenting, I appreciate it! I will now seek out your music.