New song to check out as of Oct. 12th! Will return the favor!

I put a new song in my music website called “Know Your Game”. Please tell me how you like the song, and how it can be improved, and I will return the favor. The song is at the top of this link:

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Fun tune, and all over the place musically. This can be great, or distracting depending on how cohesive you’re trying to make the song. As you know, there are no rules!

I really liked the intro with the bass and drums. I thought it was going in the Helmet direction at first.

Vocals are too loud in my opinion. Very overpowering. The vocal effects are in your face. Which is great if that’s what you’re going for. Could be cool to have less effect for parts of the song, then the crazy effect for others. More impact that way.

Thanks for sharing and giving us the chance to bash the new tune!

Only one tune to listen to? Just when ya think ya know someone :slight_smile:

Man, I’m like this from the nasty bass start to those ever so cool guitar off notes
Your vox on this one is dam good. I def got into this (at 75) tee hee

The individual sounds and the separation you’re getting are great. It is a real roller coaster to listen to. The only things i would pick out is that the voice is way out front and that the bass, which sounds amazing, is overpowering the kick drum, which to me sounds a little puny in comparison. Both small things in comparison to the overall feel and sound of the track.

I actually saw a guitarfish in the wild while snorkeling at Catalina Island. Thank you for checking out my song & commenting; I appreciate it!

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Thank you for listening to my song and reviewing it! I appreciate it!

Thank you for listening to my roller coaster; and reviewing it. I appreciate it!