New song start this reverb try...acoustic

I laid down a track without any beat cadence. Very tough to lay down a second track with just a visual. You will hear how far off I am.
I tried a Studio one plugin that said repeating delay. I kinda like it but don’t usually use reverb.
Lyrics are just notes for later. Vibe? one word from you like…funeral…or wierd or…would be a help ha ha peace and love to all

I played it all again. This time with a click track at 70bpm. Easier to link things. Lyrics now are fun. the topic today is death. haha the song might take off with rock now. However I can’t tell my daw to now switch to 120bpm.??


Lovely acoustic guitar track.
Interesting effects.
Vibe - Christmas!!!
Peace and love to 'ya, my friend!!!

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Interesting. The “hello” at the beginning was a special intro, first time I’ve heard your ‘speaking’ voice maybe. There’s almost a mystical vibe to this, very introspective. One thing that came to mind was Pink Floyd. Kinda psychedelic, but mainly just “outside of normal reality” perhaps.

If you’re thinking about turning the acoustic intro into a ‘rocker’, you might find this interesting. Your acoustic riff kind of reminded me of the intro to this song.

Hi Stan I had the 414 mic aimed at the guitar a long ways away from my mouth. that is how sensitive it is.

[quote=“Stan_Halen, post:3, topic:6391”]
If you’re thinking about turning the acoustic intro into a ‘rocker’,
Boy that is a thought? Kinda like the clip you provided. That was a great sound when it took off. The intro was mostly piano and that could have been shown?
You go to another level trying to help folks Stan and it is much appreciated…peace ole friend

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I liked it, a surprise element when expecting a musical intro.

Thanks Paul! I guess ideas just come to me while listening to something new. My mind kind of drifts in intuitive spontaneous ways. It may help or it may not resonate at all. It’s just my 2 cents. :slightly_smiling_face:

I thought you might find the song themes relatable, as it kind of reminded me of the song ideas you come up with (relationships, etc).

As for the piano intro, there’s a token shot at 0:49 of one of the guitarists at an electronic keyboard. I guess they wanted to show the band members filing in for the video rather than show piano playing.

Your song sounds nice so far. In Cubase, you can change the tempo in the middle of the song, or wherever you want. I rarely do it, so I’d have to check the huge instruction manual when I want to do that.

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