New song song to check out; will return the favor!

I put a new song in my music website called “Cowabunga Cucamonga”. Cucamonga is a city in Southern California roughly 40 miles from the Pacific Ocean. But how long will that last? Please tell me how you like the song, and how it can be improved, and I will return the favor. Here is my link:

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What, not two songs? This place has been real quiet aaron.
Very intresting the first part of that fourth chord. Brings interest. Hard to critique because of the variety. I did picture the shark taking a chunk out of your board.
Never heard of those cities. Liked your vox the best on this one. I have to play it a few more times and concentrate. good stuff…don’t stop

Thank you for checking out my song and replying! I appreciate it! I lived in Azusa, California for 5 years also. Bugs Bunny liked making fun out of those two city’s names.


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