New song, hit it with some brutal honesty

Hi All,

Very curious to hear what you guys think about this song (instrumental as usual).
I’m trying to keep it pretty structured and coherent, as in I focused on re-introducing ideas you heard earlier but with a slight variation. Does it come across that way? Or is it still too adventurous?


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Sounds pretty good to me, and you’ve definitely managed to convey/call back to those familiar melodic motifs as the song progresses in a ‘structured manner’. Haven’t really got much else to add, it’s cool. Possibly think about some level automation through the sections where you have both the lead octave guitar down the middle and the rhythm gats on the sides and decide which you want to take center stage. The rhythm gats feel slightly overbearing through those parts, or maybe the lead guitar just needs a bump.

The structure and everything sounds really good. I liked the melody a lot and I didn’t think it was too adventurous except maybe that piano ending. I think you should add the piano in more places to make it sound more natural.

The mix sounded decent, but I think the rhythm guitars where a bit too low in volume and overall everything was very mid heavy. It made it sound like I was listening on smaller speakers. It doesn’t sound bad, but it doesn’t have a ton of impact either. Overall I think it is a really good song.

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You have a cool approach here @JonniKELANA , it is adventurous while being structured which is not easy to do. I really like the change-up at 1:50 that goes totally different but then makes a connection to the earlier riffs. A different one at 3:30 that you don’t develop which I think you should.

Some nice soloing at 3:20 that you could extend and develop also. The accompaniment/rhythm guitars have some nice moments being supportive but in a different way which is good I think. Terry notes the kind of odd balance there but I kind of like that. You still have strong back beats and pentatonic riffs to keep things focused.

Nice work!