New song demo10/29 sad...true...unfortunate

I was talking to a young man i know a couple of days ago. I asked why the long face and he said he left his wife recently. I probed a little deeper and asked what happened. He said I don’t think either of us realized it that we were wild lovers but probably never in love. He said we don’t say nice things to each other anymore so I just split. Song ideas come at me daily. this one not so hot, but a chance to write lyrics etc

There never was love

I’d say yes you’d say no …I’d say fast but you’d say slow
I’ve tried of yur games and i think its time for you to let me go

       Am           Em              F             C   

There never was love…but I never felt hate
There’l never be us… cuz it’s just too late
Am Em F C
There seldom were good times…surely too few
There’s nothin gonna change between me and you

You’d go out I’d stay home….I didn’t mind being alone

We’ve got nothin left…don’t wanna argue just wanna be on my own

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Hi feaker,
Another lovely song, sad and heartfelt.
You are flowing with great creativity, and the music if filled with life-stories and experiences.
Lyricism is superb, and from the heart, I can feel it.
Keep on writing, and singing, I am truly inspired!!!

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Thanks Rene. The song could have been shorter if my first lyrics were we got tired of each other so I left. ha ha Next song won’t have so many minor chords. I think?

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Wow, that’s a really sad story. You have to be friends first and foremost. Nice tune… I thought it might be getting a Beatles cover at first, but you put a nice twist on it, and it turned out to be more of a nod to the Fab Four. Well done!

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Hi Andy Yeah the Beatles are burned into my brain for sure. My studio has ten large posters. ha ha
It’s almost embarrassing to just a single strum on one side. I do a raw version like this one then just sit on it for a few days. It’s pretty naked right now. Thanks for your thoughts and kind words

Yes, I hear some Beatles vibes in your song. Sad lyrics, but nice song! Nice singing and guitar playing! :slight_smile: