New rock song - High Level of Paranoia. Need feedback!

New rock song - High Level of Paranoia. Need feedback!


Doing the final touches on this mix. Please give me your feedback on it!


Done with the mix. This is the result



Listening on crappy laptop speakers, this sounds alright. Is it Alice Cooper inspired? It reminds me of early Alice Cooper band (Halo of Flies) mixed with solo Alice Cooper (Ballad of Dwight Frye). I like it.


Didn’t think of Alice Cooper when doing this, but I like the fact that you find similarities. And glad that you liked it!


This is great! I think for me the mix is pretty much on point in terms of what I would think works for this style. One thing that did poke out was the left-side guitar starting at around 2 minutes. It’s hard panned left and feels like it’s disconnected a bit from the rest of the track. I think I get the balance between the guitar on the left and the toms on the right but it feels like the guitar is way out there. Great listen though… thanks for sharing!


I’ll take a look at that guitar! Thanks for listening and for the feedback!



Wanted to bash but its not there =(


Sorry! Finished the mix. this is it :slight_smile: