New quirky song up for a bashing

Heath update. Done with covid. Hard to sing. Got an ulcer. My portable studio kept me sorta sane.

Need some second verse lyrics…fills…pills etc


glad to hear about your recovery. Hang in there!
nice groovy song! did you make this in the hospital??

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Lovely song Feak. Feeling good Beach boys like sixties vibe.
Didn’t know you caught Covid. Hope you’re all right!
And amazing how you just keep on cranking out new songs. How many have you written so far in all those years? Do you keep track?

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Hi Michelle. Only stayed in the hospital briefly until my pulse ox looked ok. Wasn’t thinking of lyrics then. Pretty weak now and spend a few minutes back and forth throwing this together. Didn’t care if it was good or not. Just needed something to occupy my mind while trying to gain strength. Still only about half the way back. don’t get covid :frowning:

Hi Evert The main riff that starts and repeats is the one I play most every day for practice . It is the start of the Beatles “blackbird” I just stopped before i went up to the 12th fret.
I have written 126 songs. Of that number, maybe 10 are pretty decent.
I have been watching restoration programs and play my acoustic thru the commercials. Tough road back, but I will keep moving forward. Best to you

Great to hear you’re on the improve and back recording again, Paul. Great, sunny sounding melody you have here. This is definitely the kind of thing you excel at. I love the background vocal layers and harmonies.

Your voice is really flexible and I think you could explore layering harmonies and counter-melodies much more to fill out your productions. I think it would really amplify your personal style. It would take some patience on your part, though.

Hey Andy. Did you ever finish a song and just were glad it was done because it wasn’t doing much for you? Yeah that happened. I actually thought of you and how you would fill those dead spots. I tried my prs and just couldn’t make it work. I can do a bunch more with the vocals.

I had my stomach scoped and they messed up my vocal chords. Typical I guess.

I stared with just an acoustic, but change over to electric. I don’t have any fx on the axe tracks. ha ha
I took a walk today and hope I can start getting strong again.
I will mess a bit more. You always have invaluable suggestions. peace man

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I had my brushdown with it during the early covid days, it was scary and I couldnt breathe but made it through. For about a minute I thought I wasnt gonna make it but breath came back after I took a big whiff of eucalyptus inhaler and tiger balm. Fever and weakness lasted a week.

Glad you are through it! and yes I agree, no one should take it lightly.

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The chorus has a really nice, happy vibe. Fun song !

I couldn’t help notice the lyric, “throw your twitter in the shitter”. Now that is what I call true poetry! Lines like that can be catchy even if they sometimes turn people off. I’m not a highfalutin’, upper class guy, so that line sounds good to me.

I’d like to hear this song tightened up a little if you decide to come back to it in the future. It’s got a certain character that is endearing.

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Hi Mr W. The song does feel kinda happy. Something we all need. Glad you are not offended by the twitter shitter ref. I am old school and talk like that. I first said I need a few hints for the second verse. The theme, i guess, is a new departure toward positive thinking and lifestyle??

I can hear the vox timing and other parts are a bit off in places and I will move things a bit here and there.

As always, thanks for listening, now on to another:)

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Yes absolutely a world class line there (and completely agree as well)!

That’s a respectable number Paul. I think I wrote just under 100 or so, and feel the same way about 10 or so being worth it… I wonder how Neil Young/ Bob Dylan etc. feel about the majority of their songs?


Hi Mr EV Who’d a thunk twitter/shitter would ring true with two?? ha ha Doesn’t matter how many one writes, as long it is entertaining to one’s self:) peace man


I really like these lyrics, @feaker. I really empathize with your sentiments, and I agree that there is a new day coming and we have to move on.

I’m relieved to hear you are surviving Covid. It is amazing how many people are getting it still. I just got my first vaccine shot and am due for number two in a couple weeks. It most likely wouldn’t kill me, but at best it is very unpleasant.

Glad you’re getting back Paul and keeping a positive outlook. Making music is certainly therapeutic too. A big +1 from me for the “twitter shitter” line AND the sentiment too. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Sounds good. Love the vocal sound (both performance and mix). I really like how the bg vox are sort of hidden and gentle. I too heard Blackbird initially.
Very cool song that captures the vibe well. Glad to hear you are doing better!

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Glad you are recuperating! Instrumentally, it sounds quite nice per usual. I’ve heard a number of your songs, and very often I’m not certain if your high pitch vocals are you or someone else. Assuming you did all of the vocals, you are still hitting the high notes just fine. Nice sound quality per usual. I have mixed feelings regarding facebook and twitter. Some good things have come out of it for me. Even some of my closest friends seem to avoid talking on the phone anymore, very often. And I can talk way faster than texting, so in some ways texting seems like an inefficient way to communicate unless you just want to say a few sentences and that’s it. It seems less personal but better than nothing. One person was my best friend (long ago), and now he’ll barely sometimes communicate through facebook and that’s it. He won’t return phone calls or even emails anymore. No wonder people are feeling isolated.

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Sounds great!
Love the Beatles vibe and your kinda “broken” voice gives someting unique to it!
Heard it 3 times in a row!
Best wishes for your quick and full recovery.

Hey George. Just knowing you listened three times, made my day/week/month. I grew up with the Beatles and it’s hard not to go there. ha ha Thanks for the kind words about recovery. Slept all night last night for the first time in a year or better.

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