New original instrumental - Don’t miss it for the world

Wrote and recorded this last night and this morning. Fun stuff! Trying to decide if I should add vocals. Have a great weekend everyone!


Sounds great to me. I like it as is, but vocals could be cool too. The mixing is pretty good as well. I think the drums could use a bit more mixing, but they kind of work for a retro vibe. They sound like real drums, are they? Anyway, good work.

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love the snarl on that bass. Everything is clean man. Driving beat is awesome. I’m thinkin movie scene. Love that snare.
One’days work…impressive. I always told my wife of 54 years a quickie is betta than nuthin.
You are a huge plus to this place. One of I think four still makin music.
I might sing something to this just for the fun of it. nice work mate

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Thanks for the feedback. I knew someone would eventually discover this lonely tune!

Yes, real drums. I do my best. I end up in a rut with a lot of my tunes where I’d rather write/record a new song instead of spending extra time trying to figure out vocals. But maybe I’ll give it a shot. If it’s crap I don’t ever have to play it for anyone!

Thanks…I’ve been using an Orange Bass Butler for a while and I love it. It sends both clean and dirty outputs separately. Gives me some fun options for blending in, or automating volume at different parts of the song. I like it better than just copying and manipulating a duplicate because it has a totally different character to it. The dirty channel is supposed to emulate a Marshall, so it works well as a guitar DI in a pinch too.

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