New old RR guy

I’ve been away from - well - everything music related for a few years.

I went looking for RR to see how things were chugging along there and ended up here. I was immediately confronted with Brandon’s goodbye post. While that bummed me out, I was was glad to see a lot of familiar names in the subsequent thread. Also glad to see that he was focusing on moving his own life to the next level.

So now I’m back. I left my 60 hour/week job. Sold 99% of my gear. Moved to a different country. Had a kid. Got married. Bought a house.

The music and recording bug never left. It just took a vacation. Now I’m doing some freelance voiceover work. Doing a bit of the stay at home dad thing, playing in a band and rebuilding my gear pile.

What a long strange trip it’s been.

I look forward to reading through this forum and catching up on things I might have missed.

EDIT: I might have already moved and started this particular intercontinental adventure before I faded out from RR… I honestly can’t remember. It was about 4 years ago. Given my inability to remember what I had for breakfast yesterday, y’all will have to forgive me for screwing up the timeline of events😁

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Welcome (back) Calebz! Where are you residing now?

Between 2010 and now I’ve bounced from Dallas, back to Tacoma ( home), and 4 years ago I landed in Lyon, France with a duffel bag, backpack, 2 guitars and a dog.

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Awesome - I travelled through Lyon in 2008 during a trip to Europe - nice place to land! I think IRD regular Patrick @ptalbot might have been from Lyon originally before he relocated to Montreal (IIRC).

Awesome! Sounds like you are well traveled. All the time on the road should give good inspiration for quality tunes :slight_smile: look forward to hearing your stuff.

Thanks for the ‘warm’ return, guys. It’s good to be getting back in the swing of things again.

I haven’t dug through this place yet. Hopefully there’s a BTR type place here. Though I didn’t post much in there during the RR days, I found the discussions to be super useful and thought provoking.

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Yup, the format is a little different, but BTR lives on:

Welcome (back) Calebz! Glad you found us. Not exactly the same as RR but most of the good stuff is still happening here.

Please consider adding a map marker to our Membership Map, which you can read about here:

I will get myself on the map next time I’m near a computer. It doesn’t seem to want to play nice with my tablet😐

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Welcome back to it. I look forward to reading you around.