New Nembrini Audio Amp ($29 intro) - worth a look?

This one caught my attention. The Dev recently gave away the Lo-Fi Vintage Clipper which is really good. This amp sim also comes with a selected set of cabinet IRs. And you can load you own IRs for the cabinets too.

Nembrini Audio is a new company, but he has been around awhile. He programmed/modeled the Brainworx amps for Plugin Alliance.

I think I’ll demo it when I get a chance. I’m curious to hear what you guitar guys think of this one. Looks promising!

New to me. Never heard of 'em. Listening to the soundcloud demos, it seems like a versatile amp sim: thick metal sounds, crunchy sounds, but also some cleans.

Can’t tell from the clips, but for me the real proof in the pudding is how it “feels” when I play it. I have Guitar Rig 4, which has some great sounds and is impressive in a mix, but it doesn’t feel anything like a real amp when you play it. Just doesn’t have the responsiveness.

On the other hand, S-Gear sounds awesome and plays beautifully. He’s been talking about a v.3.0 upgrade which has been “supposed to be coming out any day now” for about two years. Ugh.

Would be interested if someone gets this one, to know how it plays.

Oh, and also it requires iLok. Just FYI.

It uses “iLok Cloud” which works without the dongle, but requires you to have an internet connection.

I have Guitar Rig 5 (not pro) and really like it. I haven’t been able to get past the latency for live playing either. I know everyone here seems to like the Scuffman product which is the first time I heard about it. Someday I’ll have to try that out too.

Nembrini is a new company with a pedigree developer. I have the BST100 and it is one of the best sounding amp sims out there. I have most all of UAD’s stuff, brainworx, Bias, THU, Waves,etc. I put it up there with UAD stuff (Igor Nembrini worked with UAD, Brainworx). THe PSA1000 (Sansamp emu) is great as well, IMO better than the Avid Sansamp.


Wow! That’s some high praise. I have tried 2 times now to get the demo working with the iLok Cloud and had given up. I had an issue with the “Lo-Fi Vintage Saturator” - which is great - and got it working again. But I am totally frustrated with this iLok BS right now. I’ve even emailed Igor a couple of times - very resonsive BTW - but he sounds pretty set with the iLok licensing. I hate to see a promising new Dev lose out on sales because stupid licensing issues. But maybe I’m the only idiot who can’t get this iLok Cloud to cooperate?

After that review though, I’ll try again tonight - after a couple of beers. :beers:

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Sounds cool, thanks for the testimonial! I was just dialoguing about Bias on another thread. What do you think of their Bias Amp 2? I was only interested in Bias Amp 2 Standard because of the sale they have going on, but I can’t figure out how limited Standard is compared to Professional and Elite. I saw the “chart” but that doesn’t tell me much. Just curious if that’s something you might know.

And given the choice of this Nembrini BST100 or the Bias Amp 2 Standard, and the cost difference ($29 Nembrini vs $59 Bias Amp Standard limited version), if you were going to pick one which would you choose and why?

I have an actual iLok, I wonder if that makes it easier? I haven’t even tried Cloud licenses, though I think it’s already integrated into the License Manager app (i.e. “Open Cloud Session”).

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I would go for the Bst100. One reason, the quality. You have normal channel with both clean and a crunch, then a second channel for higher gain. It has 4-5 modeled cabinets (not impulse response) or you can load a big list of “two notes” impulse responses or your own impulse responses. You can load and mix 2 different mics and an ambient mic and mix to taste. I have BIas Amp 2 pro (but initially had the standard). I rarely use the Bias anymore, I love the sound I get with the BST100 and the sims I have from UAD (marshall collection, Diezel, Bexum Betty). But to be honest, if you can, get them both, I try to use them all in different ways. For $29, you can’t beat that for a top notch amp sim! Bias you may get a lot of different modeled sims, but I think the Nembrini sounds better. At least for my and the sounds I like to get

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Thanks! Yeah the Nembrini should be quite a good deal. I think I would enjoy the Bias too, if nothing else for the tweaking of tones with the tubes and such.

No problem, I’d look at the PSA1000 too, that thing is great on bass!

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Yeah, it looks like it was on sale for $29 in April. MSRP is significantly higher now. :slightly_frowning_face: Seems really cool though.

So I did some research and started geeking out about the amp they say the BST100 is emulated on. They didn’t say anything specific on their site, but in the manual it says this - “This plugin faithfully reproduces the behavior and character of a famous 90s snake skin guitar amplifier that defined an era of the modern high gain.” I was guessing Mesa, and the only thing I found resembling something to that effect was this:

But on the KVR page for it they say this - “The BST100 Super Overdrive Amp plugin is a perfect emulation of the 90s guitar amplifier Holy Grail.” So then I went looking for an amp called “Holy Grail” and all I could find was a few YT videos with a guy who apparently has an amp called that, an odd looking wooden box he calls a “Holy Grail / Hellig Gryten amp” (see videos posted below).

I found what looks like the same amp, though it has a big “Trainwreck” logo on the wooden box (“the late Ken Fischer’s Trainwrecks” … and is supposed to be the 2nd most valuable amp in the world!), and in those videos by “Mikka Grytviken Demos” (below) his amp has no such logo on it, nor any conspicuous marks where a logo was removed. See #2 on the list:
The “Holy Grail / Hellig Gryten amp” demo’d by Mikka Grytviken Demos:



OK, after all that craziness, this GearSlutz page came up:

Looking at the Soldano page for that model it seems undeniable that’s what the BST100 is modeled on.

Now my brain can rest easier. :woozy_face:

It’s an emulation of the Soldano Slo100

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Were you able to work it out? It says at the bottom of the webpage: " iLok authorization onto iLok2, iLok3, Host Computer or iLok cloud." So it looks like there’s an option to activate on the Host Computer, did you try that?

I went ahead and jumped on it, Igor made me an offer I couldn’t refuse. :grin: I really like the sim, though have only had a little bit of time checking it out so far. I like all the features and great tone options. I haven’t played with the mic placement yet, but it looks like there’s no visual moveable mics like some other higher end sims have … there’s a dial with like 10 settings. I didn’t see any description of that in the manual (which is sparse but mostly adequate). It will probably become obvious to me once I check it out, but it also occurred to me that it might be an advantage in the sense of not having visual biases and preconceptions influencing the choice - let the ears do the talking. :wink:

They sent me an iLok activation code, which I was able to put in and Activate with no problem. But I chose my iLok, and haven’t used the Cloud for anything as of yet.

Here’s a song with the Nembrini Bst100 Amp sims and PSA1000 sim on bass (just on the DI with HPF around 200, used UAD SVT Class for the low end). I had tracked this already with UAD Friedman Bexum Betty and the Diezel, but today though I’d throw on the BST100 on the Rhythm tracks and solo guitar to see what I got:


Stan, here’s a real word example of the BST100:


Wow, great playing! :beerbanger: Nice way to show what those sims can do as well. So this is you playing all instruments and all parts? Real drums or VI? Sounds awesome man!

Thanks Stan! I appreciate it! I’m on all guitars/bass. Drums I programmed with Groove Agent 4 Nashville expansion, as well as shakers/tambo

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Nope. I’ve got the “Lo-Fi Vintage Clipper” working on the iLok Cloud, but I can’t seem to get a demo to work. The best try so far is when I got to the authorization screen in my DAW. The only option I had was to “enter a serial number” or “Cancel”. The “Next” button was disabled until you entered a serial number…

I don’t get it. I’ve got a number of plugins working just fine with their dongle-less “authorization manager” including SoundToys. I don’t know why they had to move to the Cloud thing method. I refuse to buy a dongle on principle. In my mind, it’s punishing the honest consumer to “protect” the Devs’ software by actually charging the consumer (dongle purchase) for the privilege. It’s back@sswards if you ask me. At least Waves lets you use a plain old USB stick if you want to go that route. And the reality is that the dishonest users are going to find a way to crack the plugins anyway… (stepping off the soapbox)

Regardless, instead of buying the thing, maybe I’ll just have one of you guys play guitar when I need a decent sounding track. :grin:


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Wow, so that’s a stock Cubase VI? I’m not that familiar with Cubase. I see they’re having a sale though.

I know a lot of people have that complaint, and many seem to have had functional problems with them too. I got ‘indoctrinated’ to iLok while using Pro Tools for many years, so it just became a way of life. I have had very few if any problems with them over close to 15 years, so I guess I’m the exception.

As to the cost, if you use one extensively, as I have, it’s less than $1 per license activation over a period of time accumulating software. I just see it as an investment in the DAW platform.