New music to review! Will return the favor. New May 17th!

I put 2 songs in my music website: “All The Time” is the song on top, and “Play a Part 2” (less polished than the other song) is the next song down. Please tell me how you like the music and how it can be improved, and I will return the favor. Here is my link:

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Hi Aaron,
I am biased to guitar, and your guitar recording is so good, on All The Time.
I like that the vocals is really up front and center.
It may be a bit too hot, in the mix, and could be lowered just a tad.
The bass is very cool.
I like the beat, very hip and alive!!!
Good to hear from you!!!

Hi Aaron, “All The Time” has a great energy to it and it kept my interest all the way through - Some nice twists and turns in the arrangement.

I really like how your vocal is less effect laden in this song than usual. Sometimes with your other songs, I find the vocal heavy effects combined with really pronounced vocal affectations (like sliding up and down to and from the notes) a bit difficult to listen to, but here you have a fairly clear sounding vocal singing a pretty straight melody, which I enjoy.

I agree with @ReneAsologuitar that the vocal is too loud, however. It could probably come down a good 3-6dB and still be very audible in the track. It might need some more dynamic control though, because it tends to jump up and down in volume fairly noticeably.

On the other track, again I found the vocal very listenable. There were some pretty “tangy” note choices in the bass guitar which at first struck me as out of key with the song. As the song progressed, I kind of got used to them though. A very creative and unusual track! Nicely done.

Rene and ColdRoomStudio,
Thank you for listening & replying, I appreciate it! I mix on headphones, and the ones I have lack a little midrange? Not hearing the electric bass out of key on “Play A Part”, but maybe I’m wrong.

All The Time has an awesome bass running though it, and I love the keys. I get the feeling that the drums have just a tad too much verb on there, they seemed just a little washed out. Great song.

Thank you for listening and commenting! I appreciate it! If you have any music you want me to check out, leave me a link.

If it’s any help, I agree about the vocal level on All The Time. I’d try listening as you reduce the volume, and note the point where the vocal is masking the rest of the instruments. Kind of the opposite of the way you’d normally do it.
I like the song a lot, the bass is nice and it’s got a lot of energy, but at first listen the level of the vocal almost makes it sound like it was recorded over the track instead of being part of it.
Should be an easy fix; the treatment on the vocal is fine if you just tuck it in there a little bit.