New music to review, will return the favor! New July 13th!

I put 2 songs in my music website: “The Message Came to Me” is the song on top, and “How Could It?” (more guitar oriented) is the next song down. Please tell me how you like the music, and how it can be improved, and I will return the favor if you wish. Here is my link:

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Really liked how could it. Great into. I am hearing very little low end at all. No bass or kick. I am in good cans, but will try it on the bigger speakers later. Been real busy as of late. Good to hear from you. Stay safe

Writing as I’m listening:

  • The Message Came to Me
    I should agree with @feaker since I listened to the kick at the very beginning and I found it sounds very mid scooped, like there is no meat at all. The synth bass has the same behaviour (I suppose you matched both during the mix process).
    I really like how the singer and the snare drum are upfront, but way more that the two previous tracks…
    Synth arpegios sit very well in the mix but I’d like more playing with the stereo field (it sounds a bit mono at times).
    I really like the chord sequence at the end, it’s nicely introduced, it ends the song well, has a great tone with stereo and delay. Very nice!
    The song works pretty well to me, nothing to worry about the writing part.
    Very nice job!

  • How Could It?
    Wow, very bold intro: I raised the volume up to listen to the intro then “guitars in your face!” I don’t really know if it’s on purpose or not but if you’re looking for surprises, it works!
    And now I discover that there is a kick drum way quieter… Again, is it on purpose?!?
    Ok, the song (and vocal) begins and guitars hide everything else. They are huge (way to much for my taste) and everything else sound weak and thin… Plus it sounds very hi-gain with no dynamic and doesn’t carry any rhythm…
    I’m trying to understand how (or why) you achieved to this result and have any clue :confused: But I do like the lead vocal, it has a very catchy melody and performance.
    During the guitar solo, I discovered a bass guitar… lost way behind.
    I’m sorry I didn’t get the point on that song because I think it has potential.

Again, very nice writing skills, lot of bold stuff!

Thank you for listening and commenting, I appreciate it! Will see if I can find some new music by you…done!

Thank you for the elaborate reviews, I appreciate it! I mix on headphones to keep my wife from going crazy, and usually prefer to listen to music on headphones at home anyway. That might be part of my problem. Will see if I can find some of your music.

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The Message Came To Me: sounds very 80s to me, is this intentional? I like the synths riffs and gimmicks, they are catchy. I like your vocals as well, they have a unique personality to them, which this airy/ambient treatment helps a lot with.

How Could It?: I like this one a little less. The guitars seem to drive the song into a “metal-like” direction, but the drums sounding quite thin and cheap seem to work against this. The guitar solo is interesting, you seem to have a talent at crafting something interesting and unique with a simple play style and a special emphasis in your interpretation.

For me, the best decades of music were the 70’s and the 80’s. Do I intentionally sound 80’s? I like the sound of the 80’s, and it just seems to naturally come out of me. Though it’s not like I intentionally sound 80’s, if that makes any sense. Thank you for listening and commenting, I appreciate it! I will now seek out your music.