New music to review; will return the favor! New as of May 15th!

I put 2 songs in my music website: “I Heard You Say Those Words” is the song on top, and the next one down is “Where You Are At”. Please tell me how you like the music, and how it can be improved. Here is my link:

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Not a mixologist…your stuff always good…
I heard you … started scifi genre … vocal delvery great…guitar riffs very good…my feelings only…too busy for me…i am old
where you…awesome start…don’t like all that vox reverb…my feelings only…vocal performance great again…If I chance to go…I like that…less clutter…lead guitar performance spot on and then some…killer as far as I’m concerened…I am old
will have one for you to check out soon…keep em commin

Thank you for listening and for the reviews, I appreciate it!

I heard you say those words - Vocally I hear Queen (Roger Taylor) and maybe some of The Who in there. Love that bass sound! Punchy!
Unfortunately I’, listening through my tv sound bar so I can’t get any real stereo feel, but something to me sounds a little off balance wise in the full on parts. I think, at a guess, that the drums are getting lost in the guitar and bass, or that there is not enough low end in the kick and bass to really drive it home. That said, I have almost no experience in listening through this sound bar like this, so that may the “its” problem and not yours.

“Where you are at” - Cool solo guitar sound. Fits in the slot perfectly. Good use of delay and space with it too. Again, probably the only thing that feels lacking is the drums. The songs have grunt and power but the drums, to me, don’t bring any punch that would make me bang my head and raise my hands! I do repeat that I am not listening on what studio or proper stereo speakers so I can’t comment with much authority. They were cool songs.

Thank you for listening and commenting, I appreciate it. I mix on headphones (for various reasons), which could be why it sounds the way it does. I used to have worse problems with drums getting lost in the mix, but got better with decent compression on the drums. Will now seek out your music.

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Thanks Aaron. Don’t stress about finding any of mine at the moment. I have just finished an EP last week and hope to have it out in about a week and a half… I’m happy just to start listening to other’s again!