New music to review (will return the favor) as of May 26th!

I put 2 songs in my music website: “A Mystery to Me” is the song on top, and “Catch You Somehow” is the next song down. Please tell me how you like the music and how it can be improved, and I can return the favor if you wish (leave me a link). Here is my link:

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Hey bud I tell it like I see/hear it. Lose some friends over it specially if I tell them they are singing a little flat. ha ha Your tracks IMHO are very good. I find it hard to believe folks are responding?? I do know personally, when someone asks to review two songs, it is a turn off. Ok, there I said it.
The intro almost sounded like a calypso :slight_smile: Love the dual snarl harmony guitars “I really want you to see” vocal goes flat on the “see” part. Much going flat until the chorus. If you want I could tell you every word. Most would not pick on that because the track is solid on all fronts. Actually it really kicks serious ass. Did not listen to the second song catch me. My last song (a collab) had plenty reviews, so you need not go there. I really like your style. Take care

Thank you for listening, and reviewing the one song. It’s OK if you are turned off by me posting 2 songs. Though that’s what I typically do. I would say in the future, just pretend there is one song, and listen to the song on top. Exactly what you did. In my mind, posting 2 songs, once a month, is less annoying than posting 1 song every 2 weeks, but that’s just my opinion. Here is my process for vocals (when I was single I had various female singers I worked with, but now I’m married): I typically record my best possible, pitch correct it with Melodyne, and combine it with a copy of the same vocal track with little or no pitch correction (with a ~.030 second time shft). For me, that sounds less pitchy than the purely pitch-corrected track (even though that does not sound logical), and sounds a lot more full. I wouldn’t mind working with a better singer than myself, but I find it difficult to find reliable people to do that. My vocals have been controversial for decades. Some people like my vocals and some don’t. No need to point out every word that is flat, that would probably be depressing for me. Glad you liked certain aspects of the song. OK, now I will review your music, even if you don’t want me to. :wink:

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Well I feel awful about what I said. It is just that your tracks are so good and there is only one thing that pulls them down a little. I use melodyne on every tenth word lately. I take off the snap and just nudge them a bit either way to taste. If you blanket correct, it sounds awful. Your voice has a lot of character and I would never change that. Having someone else sing your stuff just doesn’t work. I am not a trouble maker. I stay away from things that upset me or make me sad. I will never tell a person that a few of their melody notes are pitchy again. I am very sorry.

No need to feel sorry, if that is your honest opinion. This forum is called “Bash This Recording”. I appreciate you have given me a significant amount of positive comments over the last few months. Years ago, this forum, with a different owner and name (I forget the name of the website then) could be really brutal. Sometimes I would stay away from it for a few months if the people there were especially rough. Sometimes they would make it sound like everything about your song and recording was complete crap. Though I believe a certain amount of constructive criticism can be beneficial. I don’t expect that everyone will lavish me with absolute praise. You strike me as someone who is kind, and not too self-centered. If in the future you say, “some of your vocals are a bit pitchy”, I wouldn’t see that as being cruel.

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You do have a distinct sound, Aaron, which you probably should just run with. Catch reminds me of the B-52s Oingo Boingo era, and this particular song is strong and hooky in my ears.

Nothing wrong with the first song either, and the opening is musically mysterious then slides directly into that 80s rock mode. I consider your voice and processing method to be like slide guitar, not meant to be spot on but approach, hover, and depart, which results in extra harmonics. It isn’t as easy to do as it might seem and be enjoyable, but you are nailing it on these.

Production sounds very good to me, too.

Thank you for the reviews, I appreciate it! You bring up an interesting point. Having spent years pitch correcting my vocals with Melodyne, I can see visually that my pitch tends to slide around significantly at times (not unlike slide guitar at times), and I usually put echo delay on my vocals. I like doing dive-bombing pitch bends on guitar (at times) with lots of delay: it sounds big to my ears. I rarely put delay on electric bass, but I often play the whole song on one string, as I like the sound of me sliding around on one string, as opposed to playing different strings. Once in a while I play slide guitar; I would do it more often if I was better at it. My Melodyne Assistant can only pitch correct one note at a time. Maybe someday I will get the Melodyne that can pitch correct multiple simultaneous notes at a time; I wonder how well that would work one sliding chords on guitar. I will now seek out your music.

Hey, what a surprise!
I really like this kind of melting between different genres and I should admit your mix really deserves it.
Everything is clearly audible and every part has its own space and time.
I also really like all those special FX you add every where that add some very distinctive character to each song.

Very nice job, nothing to worry about! :slight_smile:

Thank you for the reviews! I appreciate it! I will now see if I can find your music.

Hi, of the two tracks, I prefer the first… The vocal has a great energy to it, and I like the clarity in the vocal.

Both mixes, to a greater of lesser extent have a lot of energy in the low mids, which can tend to make the mix sound slightly muddy. That is more the case with the second song, as I think the guitar sound might be a contributing factor there, in combination with the big Ultravox-style synth bass. I think if you pulled a little around 300-400hz out of the guitar, and some 250hz out of the bass, the mix would open up quite a bit.

The first song has quite a catchy chorus to it, which I enjoyed. I’ve noticed that the catchiness of a chorus can really be enhanced by adding some harmonies behind it - I would have loved to have heard some there.

Thank you for listening and commenting, I appreciate it! I would have replied earlier, though I was on vacation. I reviewed your latest song.