New music to review; will return the favor, as of June 14th!

I put two songs in my music website: “Heard My Call” (mostly synths and electric bass; guitars starts at 1:39) is the song on top, and “Hey, What You Tryin’ to Do” (guitar oriented) is the next song down. “Heard My Call” has the better audio quality in my opinion; though one of my crazier songs. Please tell me how you like the music, and how it can be improved, and I can return the favor if you wish (leave me a link). Here is my link:

Hi guy I have been really busy and not much time for music. loved the bass in heard my call. That wild crazy vocal was great fun. Mix sounded good to me?? Hey what. Got the juices going immediately. The guitar processing reminded a little of the old group Boston. Don’t have mix help. Sorry, you know me. Love some of those high vocal notes you nailed. I don’t have anything to review. Take care

Thank you very much for listening and commenting, I appreciate it! :slight_smile:

Heard my Call
First of all, I do agree with @feaker, the bass guitar as a nice character and drives the song.
Vocals have a kinda of ‘80 punkish vibe (dunno why I have this reference, maybe some Sex Pistols’ songs). Very nice dist guitars (sweet reverb).
Synths are very nicely handled and it doesn’t sound harsh or off topic.
Sections are easy to understand and one leads to the next very smoothly, like a pro!
Production-wise, the song works great to me and only thing I missed is some low-end management: the mix sounds light on that territory and when the bass is away, it sounds really weak to me. I expected a kick with guts and power but it hasn’t.

Hey, What You Tryin’ to Do
As you mentionned, it would get some “better audio quality”…
The mix sounds muddy to me, drums and guitars lacks of low end while bass guitar brings lot of mud and lack of some clarity (maybe adding some distortion, in parallel?, to enhance high end part).

But as the song is playing, it reminds me how some punk rock bands choose to sound, they don’t care: record, quick balance, if it sounds odd then nevermind. And it could be something you were looking for at the end :confused:
With this point of view, it’s spot on and you could forgot the comment I started to write.

By the way, congrats to write, record, mix and share songs that are so differents. For sure, you’re not stuck in the same loop, with the same genre, with the same sound, it’s a great quality to me!!!

Thank you for listening to both songs and replying, I appreciate it!

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